VOA常速英语:Biden Slams Trump for Appearing to Urge Voters to Vote Twice

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Trump supporters were energized during a rally in Wilmington north Carolina,where president Donald trump appeared to make a controversial suggestion,to vote by mail and then go to a polling station and possibly vote again.
And if on election day or early voting that is not tabulated and counted,you go vote and then if for some reason after that it shouldnt take that long,it comes in, theyre not going to be able to tabulate it because you will have voted,but you have to make sure your vote counts.
Trump who has previously said voting by mail leads to voter fraud,reiterated his message via a series of tweets,which twitter has labeled as violating its civic integrity policy,for encouraging people to potentially vote twice.
Voting more than once is illegal in the US.
Most states are encouraging voting by mail as a safe and secure method during the pandemic.
Trumps remark was condemned by critics including democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden,who accused trump of undermining the American election system.
I think its all designed to create so much chaos,that no matter what the outcome of the election is that is thrown up in the air, I mean I think that must be his reason,because I mean he says and does things that no other president,that Im aware of in American history is ever done,and we all go well theres another ridiculous illegal inappropriate thing he said.
White house press secretary Kelly Mciney defended Trumps statement.
The president wants enfranchisement not disenfranchisement,thats his goal with the comments that he made.
But election officials and analysts are concerned about the potential impact on polling stations.
I think what the president and what the press secretary are missing is the chaos,that a significant number of people who have already cast their absentee ballots,showing up at the point place will mean.
Because the polling places themselves are not set up to handle,a significant influx of provisional ballots.
What it yields is a longer process for check-in,which means longer lines and those individuals arent going to get the information they wanted anyway.
Facebook said it would take down posts containing video of Trumps remarks on voting twice,unless the posts correct the record about voter fraud.
Patsy Vida Kuzwara VOA news
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