VOA常速英语:Public Events Highlight Importance of Animals

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Hundreds of dog owners brought out their pets in London on Sunday to protest Brexit which is short for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

The demonstration named Wooferendum is calling for another referendum on the 2016 decision which many Brits did not support and some have come to regret. There are thousands of dogs that have come to make their views known that they don’t want Brexit and they think the country needs to be given a chance democratically to reconsider. Some pet owners are worried that Brexit could result in a shortage of good vets and a financial crisis that could hurt animals as well as people. The stray dog population has grown significantly since the financial crisis in Greece a few years ago forced many owners to abandon their animals.

A protest Saturday in Athens called for respect for animals.Meanwhile, animal rights advocates rallied in Paris against the use of animal fur and hide in fashion.Today we can keep warm without having to kill animals.Today we’re here to say that it’s something cruel that when you take part in this massacre, which is a mass massacre,you have blood on your hands and form an environmental point of view.It also had dramatic consequences.

Dogs may be man’s best friends, but in Perryville, Arkansas, a town with a population of under 1,500 has a preference for goats. Every first Saturday in October, the people of Perry will bring out their goats to the City Park for a festival that attracts goat lovers from around the country. I think they’re a better pet than a dog even. I mean my goats all greet me when I go out. They know their names. The blessing of animals is a common ritual in many countries and it’s not all about religion. It’s about ecosystems and we’ve forgotten…we’ve forgotten that,so anything we do this is a kind of a symbolic thing to get us out of just being concerned with ourselves. Manifestations in appreciation of animals are common in early October as the World Animal Day and the feast day of Francis Assisi, the patron saint of animals, are both observed on October the 4th.

Slouttineus Hawk VOA News Washington
美国之音记者Slouttineus Hawk华盛顿报道

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