VOA常速英语:What’s Next in Robotic Industries

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Advancements in technology have made it possible for robotsto efficiently carry out a wide variety of complicated tasks whether at the workplace or at home.

That didn’t happen overnight,humans have been working for centuries on creating robots.

Last February an exhibit at London Science Museum traced 500 years of robotic development,showing how far we’ve come in this industry and how far we can still go.

Visitors to a Berlin Gallery got a chance to find out the five robots named Paul exhibit in february gave visitors a chanceto find out what they would look like when five robots with different points of view through their portrait.

Residents in Washington D.C have become familiar with food delivery robots walking side-by-side with them on the street.
华盛顿特区的居民已经很熟悉那些在街上与他们并排走路输送食物的机器人。The CEBIT digital business fair in Hanover in March showcased a future where robots serve coffee.

You go get it and you get back to work. It was a person. He talks to people. It’s personal touch but like it leaves you from your work.
你拿到咖啡然后去工作,它就像一个人一样,和人交流。 它代替人的工作,使你不用自己冲咖啡。

In the United Kingdom the company developed a smart robotic pet named Mero that uses artificial intelligence to interact with humans.

And in South Korea robots roamed the country’s largest airport this past summer.

At the Innorobo Robotics event in Paris, so called cobots-collaborative robots were lending a helping hand.
在巴黎的Innorobo 机器人活动中,被称为合作机器人-一种可以协助人类的机器人,为人们提供了帮助。

In Bucharest Romania a humanoid DIY robot was unveiled last May.

In Belgium a robot like this could improve a surgeon’s precision by up to 10 times.

All signs were pointing to a fully robotic future in manufacturing engineering at the world robot conference in Beijing.

A robotic conductors stole the show at a performance by renowned tenor Andrea Bocelli in the Italian city of Pisa.
在一场演出中,一位指挥机器人成功夺走了意大利比萨城著名男高音安德烈·波切利(Andrea Bocelli)的光芒。

The unique show at the city’s historic Theatro Vanity was part of the International Robotics Festival.

In Japan, as hotels are gearing up for the 2020 Olympics by recruiting new helpers to ensure the best customer experience.

One hotel is introducing robots to deliver room service.

The advances are exciting and happening almost everywhere,but are we ready to lose our jobs to these machines?

Some people have already been replaced by robots representing the latest artificial intelligence.

As a new piece of automation comes in, people just move to something else. Only at time,you know what you can do.

Advances in the robotics industry will continue,as well people’s excitement and concerns at the changes.

I’m Faith Lapidus VOA news
美国之声,Faith Lapidus为您报道。

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