慢速英语:Teens Get a History Lesson From History Makers

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This is the VOA Special English Education Report.

Students at some high schools in Chicago, Illinois, recently had some famous visitors. Among them were Jimmy Carter, the former American president, and Mikhail Gorbachev, the last president of the Soviet Union. Other speakers included former South African president F.W. de Klerk and Shirin Ebadi, the Iranian human rights activist.

They were all in Chicago for an event in late April, the 12th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates.

The students prepared for the visits by working on a human rights curriculum called "Speak Truth to Power." The materials come from the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.

Manal Saleh got to introduce Mikhail Gorbachev at her school, the Frederick Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center in Chicago. Manal is one of the top students graduating this year. She will be attending Northwestern University in Illinois on a scholarship for low-income students.
Manal Saleh在她的母校,芝加哥弗雷德里克•冯•斯图本大都会科学中心介绍了戈尔巴乔夫。Manal是今年毕业的高材生之一,她将靠一份低收入家庭学生奖学金入读伊利诺伊州的西北大学。

Manal had not yet been born when Mr. Gorbachev became a Nobel laureate. He won the Peace Prize in nineteen ninety for helping to end the Cold War and working for nuclear disarmament.

Manal also got to introduce Mr. Gorbachev at the World Summit, where he joined the other laureates.

MANAL SALEH: "We hear about them and we see them in documentaries. But to have them in front of us in the flesh makes it seem so much more real. President Gorbachev, who came from nothing and changed the world, and he's standing in front of me in the flesh. And it makes me appreciate the value of that all the more."
MANAL SALEH:“我们听说过关于他们的事迹,我们在纪录片中看到他们。但他们活生生地出现在我们面前,使得这一切看上去更加真实。戈尔巴乔夫先生从零开始并改变了世界,如今他活生生地站在我面前,让我更加体会到这一切的价值。”

Mr. Gorbachev, through a translator, said that he hopes more young people will work against global problems like poverty and unemployment.

MIKHAIL GORBACHEV: "Of course, there are things that are happening among the youth that concern us. But young people have to be given a chance to take a stand, to take a position in this world. [Applause]"

At Von Steuben, he talked about his nuclear arms negotiations with President Ronald Reagan in the late nineteen eighties. He also talked about growing up in a small Russian village and studying law at Moscow University. And he talked about the need for international cooperation, a theme of the World Summit.

Students at Lincoln Park High School in Chicago heard from Muhammad Yunus. He won the two thousand six Peace Prize for his work with microcredit for social and economic development. Mr. Yunus said he used his own money to make the first loan, about twenty-seven dollars to women selling baskets in a market in Bangladesh.

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