慢速英语:A Mobile App in Delhi Aims to Protect Women

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This is the VOA Special English Technology Report.

More than twenty thousand new products appeared at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among the attention getters last week were "ultrabooks," or very thin notebook computers. Also, Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer announced new smartphones with the Windows Phone operating system.
两万多种新产品出现在今年的美国内华达州拉斯维加斯国际消费电子展上。上周的关注焦点是超薄笔记本电脑ultrabooks。此外,微软首席执行官鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)发布了新型的安装微软手机操作系统的智能手机。

Far from the bright lights of Vegas are the poorly lit streets of Delhi. A new mobile app called Fight Back aims to make those streets safer for women like Cheena Sikka. She often works late. A company taxi takes her part of the way home, but then she has to walk five to ten minutes alone.
远离拉斯维加斯明亮灯光的是德里光线昏暗的街道。一款名为“反击”的新手机应用程序旨在使这些街道对像Cheena Sikka这样的女性更安全。她经常工作到很晚。回家时公司的出租车会送她一段路,但随后她必须单独步行五至十分钟。

CHEENA SIKKA: "It’s dark and the kind of people who are around are not really to be comfortable with or safe. You cannot feel safe.”
CHEENA SIKKA:“那里很暗,周围的人也让我感觉不是很自在,你完全没有安全感。”

Ms. Sikka uses Fight Back to follow her location with GPS, or global positioning system, software. Jagdish Mitra is the head of CanvasM Technologies, which recently launched the app.
Sikka女士使用了“反击”,通过GPS全球定位系统追踪她的位置。Jagdish Mitra是最近推出该程序的CanvasM科技公司的负责人。

JAGDISH MITRA: "The moment you feel uncomfortable, you really don't need to do anything else but press one button."
JAGDISH MITRA:“当你感到不舒服的时刻,你真的不需要做别的事,只需按下一个按钮。”

The woman pushes the button on her touchscreen but has a few seconds to cancel her decision. If not, a message with her location will go by text, e-mail or Facebook to anyone she has put on a list.

MALE EMPLOYEE: "Divya has raised a panic alert. She might be in trouble."
MALE EMPLOYEE:“Divya发出了恐慌警报,她可能遇到麻烦了。”

The location also appears on a map in the company's offices. But Mr. Mitra says his company does not serve as a public monitoring center.

JAGDISH MITRA: "We are not in the provision of, you know, managing the law, if you may. The law has to be managed by the people who actually are authorized to do it, which is the police and so on and so forth."
JAGDISH MITRA:“我们无权维护法律。法律必须由被授权的人来维护,是由类似警察等等的人来管理。”

Officials reported more than four hundred rapes in Delhi in twenty-ten. Many media organizations have called the city of seventeen million people "India's rape capital."

Kalpana Viswanath is a researcher with the women's group Jagori. She works to make cities safer for women through changes like better lighting and wider sidewalks. She supports Fight Back but has some concerns.
Kalpana Viswanath是女性团体Jagori的一名研究员。她致力于通过像改善照明和加宽人行道此类工程,使城市对女性更安全。她支持“反击”应用程序,但还有一些顾虑。

KALPANA VISWANATH: "While the app to me is very important and has a good role to play, I think what we have to be careful about is that it doesn't again fall back on women to solve their problem."
KALPANA VISWANATH:“虽然该应用程序对我来说非常重要,并且发挥了很好的作用。我认为我们必须要小心的是,它不能再次依赖女性解决她们自己的问题。”

Hindol Sengupta is a founder of Whypoll, a noNPRofit group that works on the Fight Back project. He says Indian police often do not take women's safety seriously. He says, "Most women don't go to the police because in most parts of the country, the police are seen as more part of the problem than part of the solution."
Hindol Sengupta是致力于“反击”项目的非营利性组织Whypoll的一名创始人。他说,印度警方往往不重视妇女的安全。他说,“大多数女性不去报警,因为在印度大部分地区,警察被更多的视为是一个问题而不是一个解决办法。”

HINDOL SENGUPTA: "So we’re saying here's a tool -- you can go to the police if you want, and so you should, and so you must. But, in case you choose not to, and in case you can't reach them, you can directly reach out to your friends and family. And together, you can propel the system. You can propel the security apparatus, so to speak, to act."
HINDOL SENGUPTA:“因此,我们说这个应用程序一个工具。如果你愿意,或者你应该,或必须报警。但是,如果你选择不报警,或者无法报警,你可以直接求助于你的朋友和家人。而且,你可以推动该系统,推动这个安全装置发挥其作用。”

The makers of Fight Back say police in Delhi and other Indian cities have expressed interest in linking to the system.

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