慢速英语:Rural Medical School Competes With City Life

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Many rural areas in the United States have no doctor. Some medical schools are trying different ways to treat the problem. One idea is to educate doctors in smaller communities and hope they stay. Dr. William Cathcart-Rake heads a new program at the University of Kansas in the Midwest.
美国的许多农村地区没有医生。一些医学院校正尝试用不同方式来解决这一问题。其中一种想法就是在较小的社区培训医生并希望他们能留下来。William Cathcart-Rake医生负责美国中西部的堪萨斯大学的一个新方案。

WILLIAM CATHCART-RAKE: "We need more docs. There’s somewhere like a quarter of all of our physicians in Kansas are sixty years of age or older. So we need to be replacing physicians, too."
WILLIAM CATHCART-RAKE:“我们需要更多的医生。有些地方,像整个堪萨斯州四分之一的医生都已经60岁或60岁以上。因此,我们还必须更换这些医生。”

He says medical students from rural areas now typically study in Wichita or Kansas City, two of the biggest cities in Kansas.
他表示, 来自农村地区的医科学生现在一般在威奇托或堪萨斯市学习,他们是堪萨斯州最大的两座城市。

WILLIAM CATHCART-RAKE: "They say, 'You know, I really have every intention of coming back to rural Kansas,' but they meet a soul mate, they get married, their soul mate happens to be from a big city and we never see them again. They get captured in the big city. Hopefully, if we train them in smaller communities, they can meet the prospective spouses here, they can network here, and they have those connections which can hopefully be lifelong."
WILLIAM CATHCART-RAKE:“他们说,‘你知道的,我真的有打算回到堪萨斯的农村,’但他们遇到了一个伴侣并结了婚,他们的伴侣恰好来自一个大城市,于是我们就再也没有看到他们。他们被大城市抓住了。希望我们如果在小社区培养他们,他们能在那里遇到未来的配偶,他们能在这编织自己的网络,而他们希望这些人际关系能维持一辈子。”

The program is based in Kansas' tenth largest city, Salina, home to about fifty thousand people. Salina is about a three-hour drive from Kansas City, past fields of corn, soybeans and cattle.
该方案落户于堪萨斯州第十大城市萨利纳 ,约有5万人。萨利纳距堪萨斯城约有3小时车程,需要穿过玉米、大豆地和牛群。

Student Claire Hinrichsen grew up in a town of about six hundred people. She attended the University of Kansas, or KU, as an undergraduate. One reason she chose the Salina program is because of the size. There are only eight students -- the smallest medical school in the country. Classes are taught by professors in Salina or on a video link from Kansas City or Wichita.
学生Claire Hinrichsen在一个约有600人的小镇长大。她作为一名大学生入读了堪萨斯大学。她选择萨利纳项目的原因之一是出于其规模。这里只有8名学生,是全美最小的医学院,授课的是萨利纳的教授,或者是堪萨斯城与威奇托的教授通过视频教学。

Ms. Hinrichsen talked about the program with reporter David Weinberg.
Hinrichsen女士和记者David Weinberg谈到了这个项目。

CLAIRE HINRICHSEN: "I really like it. I know everybody in my class.  We are close and it’s a nice feeling. I went to KU, so I went to a big school, and I’m getting back to the small feel. I like it a lot."
CLAIRE HINRICHSEN:“我真的喜欢它。我认识班里每一个人,我们非常亲密,这种感觉很棒。我去到了堪萨斯大学,去了一个大学院。我又回到了这种小环境的感觉,我非常喜欢。”

DAVID WEINBERG: "How do these two compare, like going to KU and going here?"
DAVID WEINBERG:“去堪萨斯大学和来这里,你怎么比较这两者呢?”

CLAIRE HINRICHSEN: "They're a lot different. My first class in general chemistry in KU had more people in that lecture hall than there were in my town! So it was a big change and it was hard to get used to having so many people there."
CLAIRE HINRICHSEN:“它们有很大不同。我在堪萨斯大学上第一堂普通化学课的那个演讲厅里的人,比我们小镇的人还要多。所以它是一个很大的变化,我很难习惯有那么多人在一起。”

Students who complete the four-year program will then do their residency training in a small community in the surrounding area. One place a resident might work is the Clay Center Clinic, where Dr. Kerry Murphy is a family physician.
学生们完成这一为期四年的项目后将在周边地区的小社区进行住院医生培训。住院医生可能工作的一个地方是Clay Center Clinic,Kerry Murphy医生是这个诊所的家庭医生。

KERRY MURPHY: "This is a clinic that has currently eight doctors and four mid-level practitioners and we cover, of course, this town, but we also have satellite clinics in two nearby towns. We just kind of operate as a what I call a 'cradle-to-grave operation.' We deliver babies and go all the way up to doing nursing home care."
KERRY MURPHY:“这里目前有8名医生和4名中级医士,负责这个小镇。但我们在附近两个小镇还有附属诊所。我们从事着一个我称之为的‘从摇篮到坟墓’的工作。我们从接生婴儿一直做到家庭护理。”

Rural doctors generally serve older, poorer patients. Going into a specialty in a big city can mean better working hours and more money to pay off student loans.

The Salina program will pay tuition for each year that students practice in a rural area in Kansas.

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