慢速英语:Saving a School, and Its History

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The Harrington School is an old one-room schoolhouse in the American state of Georgia. The building has not been used in years. Community leaders and even the local historical society lost hope that it could be saved.

AMY ROBERTS: “They said that the building just wasn’t worth saving, and you could just look at it and tell that it was going to fall any minute, so let’s tear it down.”
AMY ROBERTS:“他们说,该建筑不值得保存,你也只能看看。还告诉我们该建筑随时可能倒塌,所以让我们拆了它。”

Amy Roberts has good memories of the school. She attended first grade there in nineteen fifty-three. That was a year before the United States Supreme Court ruled that schools had to be racially integrated. A number of states kept blacks from attending school with whites.
Amy Roberts在学校有着美好的回忆,她在1953年在那里就读一年级。在那一年之后,美国最高法院裁定学校必须包容各个种族。那时一些州在入学时将黑人与白人分开。

The Harrington School was built in nineteen twenty-five for black children on St. Simons Island. After the ruling, the children joined white students at St. Simons' other elementary school.

The old schoolhouse continued to be used for social activities and a day care center. By nineteen seventy, however, it was empty. Amy Roberts worried that developers might tear it down. So she started the African-American Heritage Coalition to try to save it.
该旧校舍继续用于社会活动和日间护理中心。但是到了1970年,它被空置了。Amy Roberts担心开发商会将它拆除,于是她创办了非裔美国人遗产联盟试图将其保存下来。

AMY ROBERTS: “If it’s not done, if it’s not saved, then eventually you would not know that we existed here on St. Simons. Everything of African-American heritage has been torn down.”
AMY ROBERTS:“如果不这样做,它就不能保存下来,那么最终你不会知道我们在圣西蒙斯岛生活过。一切非裔美国人遗产都被拆除了。”

In two thousand nine the Harrington School was weeks away from destruction. Then a local historian named Patty Deveau took a closer look. She remembered a movement called the Rosenwald Fund.
在2009年,距离哈灵顿学校被拆除只有几个星期的时间。随后当地一位名为Patty Deveau的历史学家仔细观察之后。她想起了一个被称为Rosenwald Fund的运动。

Julius Rosenwald was a businessman. In nineteen fifteen he donated money to black communities to build their own schools. Georgia historian Jeanne Cyriaque explains.
Julius Rosenwald是一名商人。在1915年,他捐钱给黑人社区建立他们自己的学校。佐治亚州的历史学家Jeanne Cyriaque解释道。

JEANNE CYRIAQUE: "At the very core of that movement was the involvement of the community, sympathetic whites and philanthropy, merging together to do what today we’d call partnerships.”
JEANNE CYRIAQUE:“这项运动的核心是社区、富有同情心的白人以及慈善组织的参与。融合到一起工作,也就是我们今天所说的伙伴关系。”

By the late twenties, the Rosenwald Fund had donated to more than five thousand educational buildings in fifteen states across the South. One-third of rural black children were attending a Rosenwald school.
直到二十世纪后期,Rosenwald 基金在美国南部15个州捐建了超过5000栋教学建筑。农村黑人儿童有三分之一就读于罗森华德捐建的学校。

There are no records of whether Harrington was a Rosenwald school. But Jeanne Cyriaque says it represents what the fund was trying to do.
哈灵顿是否是Rosenwald捐建的学校并没有记录。但是Jeanne Cyriaque说,它代表了该基金会一直努力的方向。

JEANNE CYRIAQUE: “This particular school kind of embodies to me what was going on with the communities at the time, because in many African-American communities, it was African-American families that gave land for these schools to be built.”
JEANNE CYRIAQUE:“这个特殊的学校是当时我与该社区往事的体现。因为在许多非洲裔社区,它是非裔美国家庭为兴建学校提供了土地。”

Now, preservation architects are developing plans to restore the Harrington School. Amy Roberts and others were surprised by what the experts found about the structure.
现在,保存建筑师正在制定计划,以恢复哈灵顿学校。Amy Roberts等人对专家在该建筑结构的发现感到非常惊讶。

AMY ROBERTS: “And they went through it and they talked about how sound it was and how, you know, I mean, they’d never seen anything like this. I mean, it was, like, in great shape!”
AMY ROBERTS:“他们仔细检查该建筑以及谈到了检查结构时的声音。我的意思是,他们从没见过像这样的事情,我的意思是,它依然保存完好。”

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