慢速英语:Nick Jonas' Lesson for Other Teen Musicians

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This is the VOA Special English Education Report.

More than one hundred teenage musicians recently attended a summer camp in Los Angeles to learn about the music business. Some of the advice they received came from the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers, eighteen-year-old Nick.
一百多名青少年音乐家最近参加了洛杉矶一个音乐夏令营,学习关于音乐行业的知识。Jonas Brothers乐团最年轻的队员,18岁的Nick为他们提供了一些建议。

NICK JONAS: “Social media was incredibly important for my brothers and I at the beginning of our career and still is today. With Twitter and YouTube and Facebook, there are so many instant ways to connect with your fans.”
NICK JONAS:“从我们职业生涯的开始到现在,社交媒体对我们来说都是非常重要的。有了Twitter,YouTube,Facebook等网站,我们有了与歌迷交流的许多即时的方式。”

Nick Jonas appeared in Broadway musicals before he became a pop star with his brothers.
Nick Jonas与他的兄弟一起成为流行歌星之前曾经在百老汇音乐剧中出现。

Other music professionals also shared their knowledge at the week-long camp. The annual event is part of "Grammy in the Schools," a project from the organizers of the music industry's Grammy Awards.

The camp gives students a chance to perform or to learn music production skills. Ben LoPiccolo worked on his skills as a music reporter.
这次夏令营使得学生们有机会进行表演,或者学习音乐制作技能。Ben LoPiccolo致力于学习成为音乐记者的技能。

BEN LOPICCOLO: “I found that I really enjoyed writing and telling people about music that I like to kind of expand their taste.”
BEN LOPICCOLO:“我发现我非常喜欢撰写并向人们介绍我喜欢的音乐,从而扩大他们的体验.”

These teens hope to be part of an industry that is going through big changes. Kristen Madsen at the Grammy Foundation points to the influence of social networking on sites like Facebook and Twitter.
这些青少年希望成为正在发生迅速变化的行业的一部分。格莱美基金会的Kristen Madsen指出Facebook和Twitter等社交网站的巨大影响力。

KRISTEN MADSEN: "I would say that that’s probably the biggest theme that you can see, is watching the artists and the professionals come through and talk about, there are new ways and new roadmaps for kids to succeed in the music industry, and they have a lot more access to doing it themselves.”
Kristen Madsen:“我想说,观看艺术家和专业人士的讨论,可能是你在社交网站能够看到的最重要主题,这是孩子们在音乐行业取得成功的新的方法和路线,他们也有更多自己取得成功的途径。”

Thirteen-year-old Greyson Chance is about to release his first album. He told the other young musicians that his career began with a music video on YouTube.
13岁的Greyson Chance即将发行首张专辑。他告诉其他年轻的音乐家,他的音乐生涯始于YouTube上的一段音乐视频

Giovanni Quattrochi hopes for a career as a music producer. He likes the way music is changing.
Giovanni Quattrochi希望成为一名音乐制作人。他喜欢音乐正在经历的这种变化。

GIOVANNI QUATTROCHI: “Especially with hip-hop, there’s a lot of sampling of different genres of music.  And I think I’m excited to see where music is going to go.”
Giovanni Quattrochi:“尤其是hip-hop,其中有许多不同流派的音乐进行组合的范例。我认为,看到音乐的前进方向我会非常激动。”

Music is also becoming more international, says Elise Go, who hopes to be a songwriter.
希望成为一名作曲家的Elise Go表示,音乐也变得更加国际化。

ELISE GO: “I’m also pretty excited.  I think it’s very cool.  I’m really interested in Korean and Asian-genre music. It’s like Korean and Chinese pop music, and they’re using American influences in their music, and I feel that’s very cool to hear, a pop song you think you’d hear on the radio in America, in another language.”
ELISE GO:“我也非常激动。我认为这是非常酷的。我非常喜欢韩国和亚洲的歌曲。就像韩国和中国的流行音乐,他们在音乐中也使用了美国的影响力,能够听到在美国和其他语言中听不到的中文歌曲,我感到非常高兴。”

Brian London plays keyboard for Lady Gaga and other artists. He told the students that succeeding in music is about hard work, not just talent.
Brian London是Lady Gaga和其他艺术家的键盘手。他告诉学生们,音乐上的成功不仅需要天分,还需要努力!

BRIAN LONDON: “Being a great player -- everybody’s a great player. So a lot of artists, management labels and music directors look at more than just being a great player in order to be hired for a gig.”
BRIAN LONDON:“作为一个优秀的演奏者--每个人都是优秀的演奏者。许多管理公司和音乐主管雇工的时候考虑的不仅仅是能够成为一个优秀的演奏者。”

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