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Now, the VOA Special English program WORDS AND THEIR STORIES.

Americans use many expressions about fish and fishing. For example, if something sounds fishy, it may not be true. Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water when I go to a party and everyone but me is doing the latest dance. When I ask my friend if she likes my new dress, I would like her to say something nice. In other words, I am fishing for a compliment. You might tell someone to fish or cut bait if he repeatedly attempts to do something he is unable to do.
美国人使用很多和鱼或捕鱼相关的表达。例如,如果什么事情听上去fishy(可疑的),它可能不是真的。有时当我去参加聚会,除我以外的每个人都在跳最新潮的舞蹈,我会觉得自己就像是a fish out of water(浑身不自在)。当我问朋友她是否喜欢我的新衣服,我希望她说点好听的。换句话说,我在fishing for a compliment(寻求恭维)。如果某人一直在重复尝试做他力所不能及的事,你或许应该告诉他fish or cut bait(要么全力以赴要么索性放弃)。

Sometimes a lawyer will ask a witness many questions in an effort to discover the facts of a court case. This is called going on a fishing expedition.
有时,一个律师会问证人很多问题,力求发现案件的真相。这被称为going on a fishing expedition(摸底)。

Some expressions involve different kinds of fish. Information that is used to draw attention away from the real facts of a situation is called a red herring. If you want to express a feeling of surprise, you might cry "holy mackerel!" although we do not know why a mackerel is holy.
有些表达包含不同种类的鱼。用于转移注意力的信息被称为red herring(熏青鱼, 转移注意力的话或事物)。如果你想表达惊喜之情,你可以大喊“holy mackerel(哎呀!真糟糕!好家伙!)”。虽然我们不知道为什么鲭鱼神圣的。

Once I went to a county fair and tried my luck with a game of chance. It was so easy; it was like shooting fish in a barrel. Then I went on the fastest, highest and most frightening ride: the roller coaster. At the end of the ride, I did not feel so well. A friend said I looked green around the gills.
有一次我去县集市玩机会游戏试运气。它很容易,就像是like shooting fish in a barrel(桶里射鱼,既是瓮中捉鳖)。随后我去乘坐最快、最高和最可怕的过山车。在乘坐结束后,我感觉不太好。一个朋友说我看上去green around the gills(脸色苍白, 欲吐的样子)。

I grew up in a small town where everybody knew about my life. There were times when I thought I was living in a fishbowl. So I moved to Washington, where things were different.
我在一个小镇上长大,那里每个人都对我很了解。有几次我都觉得自己living in a fishbowl(像是活在鱼缸里,意味着完全没有隐私)。所以我搬到了华盛顿,这里的一切就大不同了。

Now I take the train to work every day during rush hour when many other people travel to their jobs. Sometimes the train is so crowded that we are packed in like sardines. Sardines are tiny fish that lie close to each other in cans.
现在我每天在大家都出门上班的高峰期乘坐火车上班。有时火车上挤得像沙丁鱼罐头(packed in like sardines, 形容十分拥挤)。沙丁鱼是一种小鱼,在罐头中的沙丁鱼挤成一堆。

One man who works in my office is a cold fish. He is unfriendly and does not like to join us at office parties. Another man in my office likes to enjoy alcoholic drinks at parties. In fact, you might say he drinks like a fish. We need to help him stop drinking.
我办公室中有个家伙是个cold fish(态度冷冰冰的人;没有热情的人)。他不大友好,不喜欢参加办公室聚会。我办公室的另一个家伙在聚会上喜欢喝酒,事实上,你可能说他drinks like a fish(当然是牛饮,大喝)我们需要帮他戒酒。

Last week, my sister's car broke down as we were driving to a friend's marriage ceremony. "This is a fine kettle of fish," I said. "Now we will be late."
上周,在我们开车去参加一个朋友的婚礼时,我姐姐的车坏了。我说,“This is a fine kettle of fish(一团糟),我们要迟到了。”

My sister attends a small college where she is one of the smartest students. She always wants to be a big fish in a small pond. Recently, my sister broke up with her boyfriend. I told her not to worry, she will find another one because there are plenty of other fish in the sea.
我姐姐在一个规模较小的大学就读,她是学校最聪明的学生之一。她总是想成为a big fish in a small pond(小地方的大人物)。最近,我姐姐和她男朋友闹翻了。我劝她别担心,她会找到更好的,因为there are plenty of other fish in the sea(天涯何处无芳草)。

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