牛津书虫系列《苔丝》Chapter18 附中英双语文本

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This desperate cry for help eventually arrived at the parson's house in Emminster.Old Mr Clare was pleased.
‘I think this letter is from Angel's wife.I hope this will bring him home more quickly.He did say he was planning to come home next month.’
‘Dear boy,I hope he will get home safely,’murmured Mrs Clare.‘I still feel he should have gone university like the other two.He should have had the same chance as them,Church or no Church.’
This was the only complaint she ever made to her husband.He too was worried that he had been unfair to Angel.They blamed themselves for this unfortunate marriage.If Angel had studied at Cambridge he would never have become a farmer and married a country girl.Still,his more recent letters showed that Angel was planning to come home to fetch her, so perhaps their quarrel,whatever it was, could be settled.
Angel himself was at this moment riding across Brazil towards the coast.He had never completely recovered from the serious illness he had had when he first arrived.He was not as strong as before,and looked much older.The country had been a disappointment to him.Many farmers had come here from England hoping to make their fortune,and had died in the fields or on the roads.He knew now he could not farm here.
His attitude to life had changed during this time. He began to look again at what was right and wrong.He began to see that a person should be judged not only on what he has done but also on what he wanted to do.He began to think that he had perhaps been unfair to Tess,and he thought about her with growing affection.
He wondered why she had not written.He forgot that he had told her not to write first.He did not realize that she was obeying his orders exactly,although it was breaking her heart.
On his journey,he travelled with another Englishman.They were both depressed and both told each other their problems.The stranger was older and more experienced than Angel.He had a different,more open approach to life.He told Angel clearly that he was wrong in parting from Tess.
The next day they got wet in a thunderstorm.The stranger fell ill and died a few days later.Death came as no surprise in that unfriendly land.Clare buried him,and continued his journey.The man's words were somehow given greater importance by his unexpected death,and suddenly Clare felt ashamed.Tess had committed no crime. He should believe in her character,and not object to a past action she could not avoid.He remembered the words of Izz Huett:She would have laid down her life for you.No woman could do more.How she had looked at him on their wedding day—as if he were a god!And during that terrible evening by the fireside,when she told him her story,how desperately sad she had been to realize he might not love her any more.
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