牛津书虫系列《苔丝》Chapter10 附中英双语文本

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Dairyman Crick insisted that all the dairy people should milk different cows every day, not just their favourites. He was worried that a dairymaid might leave the dairy, and then her cows would not like being milked by a stranger. However, Tess began to find that the cows which came to her usually happened to be her favourites. This made her milking much easier. But she soon realized that it was not by chance, as it was Angel Clare who sent the cows in for milking.
‘Mr Clare,you have sent me my favourite cows!’she accused him one morning, blushing.
‘Well, it doesn't matter,’ said he.‘ You will always be here to milk them.’
‘Do you think so?I hope I shall.But I don't know.’Afterwards she was angry with herself. She had spoken too seriously to him, as if he were involved in her staying or leaving. In the evening after milking she walked in the garden alone, thinking about it.
It was a typical summer evening in June. The air was delicate and there was a complete, absolute silence. It was broken by the sound of a harp. The notes floated in the still air, strong and clear. Tess listened like a fascinated bird. She drew near to Clare, who still had not seen her. She was conscious of neither time nor space. The tune moved through her mind and body, bringing tears to her eyes. The waves of colour of the wild flowers mixed with the waves of sound.Angel finished playing, and caught sight of her. She blushed and moved away.
‘Why are you going, Tess?’he asked.‘Are you afraid?’
‘Oh no, sir, not of outdoor things.’
‘But indoors?’
‘Well, yes, sir.’
‘Life in general?’
‘Ah, so am I,very often. Being alive is rather serious,don't you think so?’
‘It is, now you put it like that.’
‘All the same, I wouldn't expect a young girl like you to feel that. Why? Come, tell me.’
After a moment's hesitation she answered,‘The trees ask questions with their eyes, don't they? And you seem to see hundreds of tomorrows all in a line,the first big and clear, the others getting smaller. But they all look fierce and cruel. But you can drive away all these ideas with your music, sir!’
He was surprised to find that this dairymaid had such sad thoughts. She was expressing in her own words the ache of modern life. This sadness made her more interesting to him.He did not know that her experience had given her great strength of feeling. Tess, on the other hand, could not understand why a man of religious family, good education and financial independence should feel sorry to be alive. How could this admirable and poetic man have felt, as she did two or three years ago, that he would rather die? It was true that he was not at present living among gentlemen. But he was studying what he wanted to know, and would become a rich farmer in time. So,as they neither understood each other's secrets, they were both puzzled and waited to find out more.
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