刘毅词汇10000 Unit8

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Lesson 22

My wife is an alumna of National Taiwan University.

President Kennedy was an alumnus of Harvard University.

My son and my daughter are both alumni of Ohio State University.

Cats are amoral,they can’t be censured for killing birds.

Lying and stealing are considered immoral conducts in every human society.

Most scientists believe their research to be unmoral,no matter what the results will be.

Stamp collecting as well as fishing is Mr.Evan’s favorite avocation.

Bookkeeping is Mr.Jones’ vocation, and photography is his avocation.

Our school doctor recommends  biannual visit to the dentist,I am going to the dentist’s for the second time this year.

The sophomores and seniors are taking the biennial exam this afternoon.

He is replacing the broken chord of his violin.

He had tied the package with a cord before he took it to the post office.

He clenched his teeth to endure the pain of the wound suffered from the accident.

By clinching nails over the canvas they held the torn sail to the mast.

For fifty years or more the climate of the Arctic has been warming up gradually.

The weather will be very hot and humid in Kaohsiung today.

We compared two books to see which one had the better illustrations.

She contrasted her presetn life of luxury with the poverty of her childhood.

The words “snake”and “red” have unpleasant connotations for many people.

The denotation of the word “home” is “place where one lives,”but it has many connotations.

Cheating on a test is considered one of the most contemptible acts in the Military Academy.

The rich man is contemptuous of my humble home and poor surroundings.

We experienced a continual series of hot spells last summer.

On holidays, we can see a continuous line of cars on highways.

It hardly seems credible that your son has grown so tall in one year.

Only a credulous person would fall for that old trick.

An umpire must be an entirely disinterested but keen observer.

The audience yawned and seemed uninterested in the politician’s speech.

The office where everything had worked so smoothly,became completely disorganized after Mr Levine resigned.

Form a union,an unorganized mob can accomplish nothing but chaos.

A well-balanced diet is made up of divers foods.

A great many diverse opinions were expressed at the meeting,but none was worthwhile.

The training airplane has dual controls,oen set for the learner and one for the teacher.

The opposing two lawyers fought a duel to settle their differences.

John is such an egoist that he only cares about himself.

Marian is such an egotist that she talks about herself all the time.

After the shower, the sun emerged from behind the clouds.

He immerged his aching feet in a bucket of hot water.

It is expected that the total number of emigrants from this country will reach 20000 this year.

California has several thousands of immigrants from other states.


Lesson 23
Civilized people believe in humane treatment of prisoners.

The equator is an imaginary circle around the earth.

Because he wasn‘t working hard, he is liable to fail.

He sat alone after the battle, mourning over the loss of his best friend.

A psychiatrist can help some people to understand their subconscious urges.

He has to leave now, he lives farther from here than I do.

All the members of the committee agreed to inquire further into the matter.

The man living next door hanged himself in sorrow after his wife died.

We hung our reproduction of “Mona Liza” above the fireplace.

Tainan is one of the historic spots that you should visit.

Upon retiring from the office, the President gave all the historical papers to the library.

The philosopher claims that kindness is a human trait, but I don‘t believe it.

Humane people are considerate of not only other people but also animals.

Some people do not believe that ghosts are not real but imaginary beings.

The imaginative child always likes to make up fairy tales.

Bessie Smith was an incomparable singer in her days.

It is foolish to compare horses with airplanes. They are incomparable.

Some old superstitions seem incredible to most educated people.

People nowadays are incredulous about ghosts and witches.

The gentleman laid his land on his son‘s shoulder.

The wounded soldier was lying on the battlefield.

This kind of shoe is apt to slip on wet ground.

Henry is an apt student of the practical science.

Children under the age of 10 are all liable to diseases.

He declared that he was not liable for his wife‘s debts.

The weather forecast says that it‘s likely to be hot tomorrow.

The backyard of our house has a luxuriant growth of weeds.

She is too proud, too luxurious to marry an ordinary person like you.

From time to time, during the night, there was a moan of pain from the sick man.

The whole nation mourned the death of the much-loved President.

The company will give only oral tests to the applicants.

This written report contains both a verbal description and a sketch of the building.

The minister made a personal visit to the scene of the fighting.

The general issued an order to capture the hill to all personnel.

The man seemed poor, but he was respectably dressed.

Children should speak respectfully to their elders.

The first, second, and third prizes went to Jack, George, and Frank respectively.

She raised her finger to her lips as a sign for silence.

The farmer raises cattle and crops.

The sun will rise at 5:45 tomorrow morning.

We have to go to the government patent office to register the new trademark.

It is safe to register the letter containing the check.

Go to the registrar of the university to know your grades.

The boat we are on is the best sailor in the fleet.

The men in our navy are called sailors if they are not officers.

A group of college professors were waiting in the main salon to see the Minister of Education.

The ship‘s passengers have their dinners in the dining saloon.

It was certain that Oswald might have a subconscious desire to injure his underling.

Edina was unconscious for two hours after the accident.

The general was unconscious of being followed by the spy.

The club’s secretary prepared several transcripts of minutes of the meeting.

The transcription of words into phonetic symbols requires special training.

Lesson 24
The woman knelt before the altar to pray to God for her son‘s safe return.

If it rains, we have to alter our plan to have a picnic on Sunday.

Chinese mountain climbers made a successful ascent of Mt. McKinley in North America.

I won‘t give my assent to her plan because it is not well prepared.

There are several old cannons on the wall of the castle.

This canon has been enacted by the church council very recently.

Some of the tops of sneakers are made of canvas.

The sales representative canvassed the whole city for subscriptions of the magazine.

The cession of the territory could not be avoided because they lost the war.

Be seated! The court is now in session.

The soldier fainted at the sight of his own blood.

The color became faint as the sunset.

He feinted with his left hand and hit me with his right.

In recent years there has been an intention of the struggle for political power in the country.

She felt offended at my remarks, but it wasn‘t my intention to hurt her.

There is nothing that we can do now but pray God helps us in our troubles.

The lion seized its prey and ate it.

Chicago is the principal city in the Midwest of the United States.

The principal told the teachers to dismiss (suspend) school during the heavy snowstorm.

This country was founded on the principle of individual freedom for all.

The population of France remained stationary almost for a century.

Herbert bought a notebook at the stationery store.

Please write your name and address on this paper.

The President addressed the nation on the subject of war and peace.

Darkness is an attribute of night, as brightness is that of day.

We attribute Edison‘s success to intelligence and hard work.

The teachers appointed a committee of five members to plan the class picnic.

The court appointed Mr.Lansing as the committee that would take care of the boy’s property.

She likes music very much,she never misses a concert.

We concerted on the most proper methods for speedily executing the manager’s instructions.

I tried but couldn’t understand the content of his speech.

John contented himself with two glasses of beer even though he could have had more.

Honest but poor is the converse of poor but honest.

He conversed with his wife about the summer vacation.

The Sahara is a great desert in the northern part of Africa.

After the family deserted the farm, its buildings fell to ruin. (=fell out of use).

The publisher decided to publish a digest /summary of international law.

I like milk very much, but I can’t digest /catch it very well.

Most animals have an instinct to protect their young.

Her face was instinct with benevolence and kindness.

Although the governor knew many peoples, he had few intimates.

He intimated /suggested indirectly that he was dissatisfied with his job.

The train arrived at exactly /punctually four minutes past eight.

There has been a minute improvement in the working conditions of the factory.

A dark object moved between the door and me, What? Eidolon? Devil or fairy.

Do you object Tommy smoking in this room?

Her asked her to marry him but he refused.

The street-cleaning department took away all refuse from the street.

The little girl was in tears because she’d lost her mother.

For security, tear up paper before put it in the trash can.

The janitor/buddy removed used towels from the rack.

It took long to get used to foreign food.

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