刘毅词汇10000 Unit2

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Lesson 4
When the king abdicated his throne, his brother succeeded him.

Ability to think clearly will accrue to you from good habits of study.

The salesman has been badgering my father for two weeks to buy a new car.

They succeeded in baffling the enemy’s attack plans.

He conjectured that his new stocks would rise on eh stock market.

The poor woman’s mind has been deranged for many years.

The natives thought the explorer was possessed by a fiend.

The mother was pining to see her son and daughter.

The gas almost smothered the coal miners but they got out in time.

The long climb up the mountain made her heart throb rapidly.

Many people usually drink hot broth when they are sick.

Some tiny plants grow in the crevice of the stone wall.

The duke’s son demeaned himself by doing manual babor with his servants.

We fostered the young girl while her mother was in hospital.

Our country has prospered by various incentive systems.

A guide led us through the maze of tunnels in the cave.

She pored over the picture book in silence enjoying the various colors.

Like human skin,soil has holes that are called pore.

Pick up the rubbish and throw it in the garbage an

We don’t need to speculate about the possible winner in the game.

Sweet music caught and held him transfixed aainst the iron fence .

A bird that cannot fly is an anomaly.

If you look at the end of your nose,your eyes converge.

We have a duplicate key to the front door.

There were few peaceful epoches in the history of our country .

Hunger and suffering from cold had made the lost hikers gaunt.

The incessant barking of the dog kept him awake through the night.

Though the teacher asked a simple question about her parents,the little girl stood mute with embarrassment.

He was a passionte partisan of these people and had organized a Worker’s Union.

The parents of the sick boy scanned the doctor’s face for a sign of hope.

She scanned the newspaper in a few minutes.

He stabbed a piece of meat from the plate with his fork.

I tried to cook a nice dinner,but I’m afraid I’ve rather botched it .

Her new shoes chafed the skin on both her feet.

After a brisk moring widn dissipater the clouds,the sky was clear all day .

The foolish son dissipated his fater’s forturn by spending it on drinking and gambling .

The inscriptions on the ancient monuments have been effaced by time.

There was a glint in her eyes that showed she was angry.

Overtime work is often onerous,though it is well paid.

The girl did not move though the policeman iterated his command hat she go.

Most boys have a propensity of playing with machinery.

Mother singed chicken to get rid of hairs.

The little boy put on his father’s medals and strutted around the room.

There are many kinds of diseases that medical science is yet ot unravel.

He bellowed in pain when the hammer came down on his finger.

The horseback rider drew his cloak tightly around him in the rain.

His friendly behavior was a cloak for his evil intention.

The ministry was a vvery devout man and devoted his whold life to Christian mission work.

A man appeared at the castle gate in the guise of the woodcutter.

The power of a grain of wheat to grow into a plant remains latent if it is not planted.

He pawned his watch to byuy food until he could get a job.

When the cannon was fired the earth quaked under his feet.

Famine has often been the sequel of war.

After the ship sank, salvage of its argo was impossible.

The battle was won with so great a loss of soldiers that it was a virtual defeat.

He does things that are marvellous or apparently impossible,he is a wizard.



Lesson 5
He admonished his friend not to be late for his work.

He seems to be doing nothing, but really he’s just biding his time.

A man who cheats on his income tax and on his expense account tends to condone these practices in his friends.

I designate you to act for me while I am away.

Most animals let their young fend for themselves at an early age.

Only hardy plants will survive the severe cold in the Arctic area.

Baseball players do exercises at the beginning of the season in order to limber[fish1]  themselves up.

You must pay in humility / condescension / modesty of spirit for every benefit received at the hands of philanthropy /charity.

Can you recollect the name of the author of [Ivanhoe]?

He was smitten/affected with the view that he stopped and took out his camera.

According to the testimony of the medical profession, the health of the nation is improving.

He liked the bitter taste of the ale; beer is his favorite drink.

Blend[fish2]  the butter and the sugar before adding other ingredient / factor / elements of the cake.

Especially large, sharp canine characterizes the carnivorous animals.

The common English sparrow is a denizen of America; it was first brought from Europe to America about 1850.

She was in a frenzy of grief when she heard that her child was missing.

The player’s injury[fish3]  incapacitated him for participating in the football match.

The hunters came from the East to massacre the buffaloes of the plains, killing several million in a short time.

When I asked his advice he ponder / meditated the matter and then told me not to go.

To the riddle “What walks on four legs in the mooring, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening?” the answer is ”man.”

The father spanked the naughty child for his bad manners.

He tried to appease the crying child by giving him candy.

The war was a terrible catastrophe in which many people died and many buildings were destroy[fish4] ed.

He felt completely daunted by the difficulties that faced him.

The crowd gaped/ stared/ gawked at the daring tricks performed by the tightrope walker.

He will be in the hospital for the duration of the school year.

We implored him to act before it was too late.

She muffled her throat in a warm scarf not to catch a cold.

On April Fool’s day people often play pranks on each other.

Soapy took the umbrella and saunter[fish5] ed off with it slowly.

There was a trickle of blood from the wound on his face.

She was astounded / amazed by the news that she had won the speech contest.

The people living in that valley are all members of one clan.

Newspaper accounts of political and international affairs are often distorted.

While travelling, they entrusted their children to the care of a baby sitter.

Sometimes the gets hungry and eats like a glutton.

Unless a check is signed it is invalid.

He became invalid as the result of ill health and lack of exercise.

His words were polite but there was an overtone / implication of anger in his voice.

They probe[fish6] d his past career to judge his qualifications.

There are many sacred / holy shrines in the Near East.

The statute increased the taxes we must pay.

The wounded soldier writhed uncomfortably in pain.

Watching the first man land on the moon, we beheld a sight never seen before by man.

They should change this bad habit and condescend/deign to be pleased what is pleasing.

More than 5,000 years ago the Chinese were controlling the Yellow River floods with dikes.

The farmers dug a deep dike to carry water to the rice field.

He flipped a coin on the counter to decide whether to go to the theater or not.

My uncle who had traveled to many countries in the world told a grisly story about people who ate human flesh.

The knave/ rogues who set fire to the barn have been caught and sent to prison.

The general held a parley with the enemy’s leader about exchanging prisoners.

There is not a shred/fragment of evidence that missing money was stolen.

The judge surmised/guessed his guilt; there was no proof that he killed the man.

The future is so uncertain that we cannot know all the vicissitudes/varieties of our fortunes.

The fire warden [fish7] told us not to light matches near the gas station.

Lesson 6
Most people abhor the criminal of kidnapping the children.

If you boost me up, I can reach the window easily.

His friend’s willingness to help him was a big boost to the morale.

The jail is used for detention of persons who have been arrested.

He gave such explicit directions that everyone understood them.

Wise teachers avoid invidious rules against the students.

You malign a generous person when you call him a stingy person.

In places where the water is not potable, they set up purifying systems.

I never went to school, and I’ve rued it bitterly all my life.

People in the far north subsist chiefly on fish and meat.

She was such an unruly child that nobody could get along with her.

The boy had an agile mind, and could come up with excuses as quickly as his mother asked for them.

His lack of money was the result of caprice in spending on unnecessary things.

She is disconsolate about the death of her father.

It is a popular fallacy to suppose that riches always bring happiness.

She gave ingenuous answers to the strangers’ entire question.

I saw a mirage that made highway ahead seem tube flooded with water.

The heavy thunderstorm precluded our going to the beach.

Sheer white curtains hung at the little window to let in as much light as possible.

From the top of the wall there was a sheer drop of 100 feet to the water below.

His letter was succinct, with all the major points on one page.

There is not much arable land on the side of a rocky mountain.

The winner’s complacent smile annoyed the loser in the football game.

The wolves dismembered the deer’s dead body with their sharp teeth.

After the war, the defeated country was dismembered and could no longer be called a nation.

She danced with glee when she saw the new toys, which her father bought for her birthday present.

He gave us implicit consent to take the apples, for he smiled when he saw us do it.

Someone is spreading mischievous stories about minister’s private life.

In the sentence “She lives alone by herself” the word “alone” is redundant.

The solicitude shown to him by his neighbors after the robbery impressed him very deeply.

The bank keeps a large surplus of money in reserve.

The doctor gave him some medicine to abate the pain.

His ambition was consummated when he won the prize.

Our savings have dwindled since my wife was sent to hospital.

It is haphazard timetable, sometimes lessons are held and sometimes they aren’t.

It is obvious that a blind man ought not to drive an automobile.

I know only his overt reasons for refusing; he may have others.

We tried to be friendly, but his rebuff made us think the wanted to be left alone.

He was sad, and his thought about future was very somber.

The boy’s lack of money thwarted his plans for college.

I have a vehement hatred of people who are cruel to animals

The benign old lady sent us a kind and warm smile.

The sergeant was degraded to private for the reason of disobeying order.

My other writings are very ephemeral, but this book will be remembered forever.

People who have never gone to school are usually illiterate.

The old man tottered across the room and sat down on the sofa.

Not every rich man is lavish in spending money.

It is a mistake to lavish kindness ungrateful people.

He is the one who is peddling the drugs unlawfully.

She reproved the maid in an angry voice for breaking the dish.

Many kinds of fabrics, furs and drugs are synthetic products.

His unbounded courage and compassion made him an excellent leader of the nation.

He was wretched when he failed the entrance examination again.

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