大学英语自学教程 下册 un14

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[00:00.00]Unit 14 text A
[00:04.49]The Teacher's Last Shocking Lesson
[00:06.97]  老师令人震惊的最后一课
[00:09.46]A remarkable woman reasons with her killer--and tapes it
[00:12.84]  一位非凡的女人劝说杀害她的凶手---并录下音来
[00:16.22]She used the miniature tape recorder
[00:20.98]for a graduate-school course she was taking.
[00:25.84]The device,though would do much more than capture a lecture.
[00:32.00]It was a microcassette found in Kathleen Weinstein's shirt pocketthat not only led police to her alleged killer
[00:42.06]but also revealed the New Jersey teacher to be a woman
[00:48.12]of extraordinary courage and compassion.
[00:53.47]Weinstein,45,was on her way to an exam at Toms River High School South
[01:02.82]on March 14 when she got out of her gold 1995 Toyota Camry
[01:10.90]to buy a sandwich at the busy Toms River Shopping Center.
[01:17.14]That's where her path crossed that of Michael LaSane
[01:23.20]who,police say,wanted just such a car to celebrate his 17th birthday
[01:31.25]Grabbing Weinstein by the jaw,the attacker told her he had a gun
[01:40.10]and forced her into the Camry.
[01:42.37]The car was then driven to Manitou Park about two miles from the shopping center.
[01:50.13]It was there,police believe,
[01:54.08]that Weinstein was able to activate the recorder she kept in her bag.
[02:00.84]According to Ocean County prosecutor Daniel Carluccio,
[02:07.92]the taped conversation between Weinstein and LaSane
[02:13.80]took place as they removed personal items--
[02:19.26]bags, notebooks,her six-year-old son's belongings,from the car
[02:25.79]It wasn't hysterical," Carluccio says of the 24-minute tape."
[02:32.42]It wasn't the kind of thing you would expect of someone
[02:37.57]who is facing a life-threatening situation.
[02:42.12]Mrs.Weinstein bravely and persistently used every skill and power she had
[02:51.26]to convince her attacker to simply take her car and not her life.
[02:57.92]The excerpts of the talk released by the prosecutor
[03:01.20]  检查官准予发表的谈话节录
[03:04.48]show why Weinstein was a beloved figureat Thorne Middle Schoot in Middletown,
[03:12.52]where she was a special-education teacher
[03:16.88]You haven't done anything yet,"she tells her attacker
[03:22.34]All you have to do is let me go and take my car.
[03:29.11]For my life,don't you think I should be concerned and let you take my car
[03:37.05]For my life!Do you really want to have that on your head?
[03:43.71]At another point? the teacher tries to get him to open up.
[03:49.36]"Why don't you just tell me? Of course, it's important.
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