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[00:00.00]喜欢hxen.com,就把hxen.com复制到QQ个人资料中!38.Asking for help
[00:-1.00](1)A:Could you do me a favor?
[00:-2.00]B:Sure,I'd be glad to.
[00:-3.00](2)A;Excuse me,could you tell me how to get to the Railway Station?
[00:-4.00]B:Certainly.You can take bus No.269 to get there.
[00:-5.00](3)A:Is there any chance you could drop off this package for me at the post office?
[00:-6.00]B:I'm not sure I can.I've got a class in five minutes.
[00:-7.00]39.Offering and Accepting Help
[00:-8.00](1)A:Here,let me help you.
[00:-9.00]B:Oh,thanks a lot.
[00:10.00](2)A:Is there anything I can do for you?
[00:11.00]B:Yes,please.I can't find my book.I was just reading it ten minutes ago.
[00:12.00](3)A:Let me do the laundry for once.You're always doing it.
[00:13.00]B:Okay.That would be very nice of you.
[00:14.00]40.Declining Help
[00:15.00](1)A:Do you want me to sweep the floor?
[00:16.00]B:No.That's all right.
[00:17.00](2)A:If you like,I could do something for your baby.
[00:18.00]B:No,don't bother,really.
[00:19.00](3)A;Would you like me to carry the suitcase upstairs for you?
[00:20.00]B:Thank you for offering,but I can manage it myself.
[00:21.00](1)A:Excuse me.Are you OK?
[00:22.00]B:Well,uh...I'm not sure.
[00:23.00]A:What happened?
[00:24.00]B:I was just hit by a bicycle!
[00:25.00]A:Oh,no!Can I do anything to help?
[00:26.00]B:No,that's OK.I think I'll be all right.
[00:27.00]A:Well,here.Let me help you up.
[00:28.00]B:Thanks.You're very kind.
[00:29.00]A:Don't mention it.
[00:30.00](2)A:Would you like me to help you move that desk?
[00:31.00]B:No,that's OK.I can move it myself.
[00:32.00]A:Oh,come on!Let me give you a hand.There's no sense in your moving it yourself if I'm here to help.
[00:33.00]B:Really,it's nice of you to offer,but...
[00:34.00]A:Look!I insist!You're not moving that desk by yourself!
[00:35.00]B:Well.OK.But I really don't want to trouble you.
[00:36.00]A:No trouble at all!Honestly!I'm happy to lend a hand.Many hands make light work you know.
[00:37.00]41.Offering Things and Accepting
[00:38.00](1)A;Would you care for a cup of tea?
[00:39.00]B:Yes,please.That would be great.
[00:40.00](2)A:Like some ice-cream?
[00:41.00]B:Great!Chocolate ice-cream is my favorite.
[00:42.00](3)A:Do you need a ride home?
[00:43.00]B:Thanks,that would be terrific.I planned on walking,but I didn't know it was going to rain so hard tonight.You're a lifesaver!
[00:44.00]42.Offering Things and Declining
[00:45.00](1)A:Would you like a cigarette?
[00:46.00]B:No,I don't smoke.Thanks anyway.
[00:47.00](2)A;Do have some more chicken,please.
[00:48.00]B:Oh,I'm full.Thanks.
[00:49.00](3)A:Do you want to wear my coat?I know you're not used to this cold weather.
[00:50.00]B:No,I'm OK.Thanks for the offer though.
[00:51.00]43.Requesting an Appointment
[00:52.00](1)A:I wonder if you are free tomorrow afternoon.I'd like to have a talk with you.
[00:54.00](2)A:May I make an appointment with Dr.White this afternoon?
[00:55.00]B:Sorry,he's got a previously scheduled appointment.Would tomorrow morning be all right with you?
[00:56.00]A:Yes,of course.
[00:57.00]44.Agreeing or Disagreeing with an Appointment
[00:58.00](1)A:Do you mind if I visit you this evening?
[00:59.00]B:No,of course not.
[-1:00.00](2)A:Are you going to the English party tonight?
[-1:-1.00]B:I am sorry to say I can't.I have plans with my friend.
[-1:-2.00]45.Changing or Canceling an Appointment
[-1:-3.00](1)A:I am afraid I can't keep my appointment with you this Sunday.I have something important to do.
[-1:-4.00]B:Could we change our appointment to next Monday?
[-1:-6.00](2)A:Can you keep your appointment with Mr.Smith tomorrow?
[-1:-7.00]B:Something urgent has come up,so the appointment will have to be canceled.
[-1:-8.00]46.Agreeing on Time
[-1:-9.00](1)A:Can I see your parents sometime tomorrow?
[-1:10.00]B:Sorry,they are too busy these days.
[-1:11.00]A:How about this weekend?
[-1:12.00]B:Yes,I think so.
[-1:13.00](2)A:Do you want to go shopping with me?
[-1:14.00]B:That's a good idea.What time is good for you?
[-1:15.00]A:How about Sunday morning?
[-1:16.00]B:Sounds good.


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