外事接待英语 看病

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[00:00.00]Chapter 10   Seeing the Doctor
[00:04.28]Dialogue   1          At the Doctor's
[00:07.21]Professional Terms
[00:09.80]dizzy           a.
[00:11.83]temperature         n.
[00:13.64]symptom            n.
[00:15.57]ache                      vi.
[00:17.50]thermometer            n.
[00:19.15]pulse        vi      &      n.
[00:20.85]bronchitis              n.
[00:22.80]allergic             a.
[00:24.92]penicillin             n.
[00:26.80]Good morning, Mr. Miller.What's the matter?
[00:30.62]Good morning ,doctor, I feel dizzy and weak and I'm running a temperature.
[00:37.64]Do you have any other symptoms?
[00:40.15]Yes, I have a bad cough and my chest also aches.
[00:46.34]I see, Open your mouth, please ,and say AH Now let me take your temperature, Put this thermometer in under your arm please.
[01:03.56]Doctor, how about my temperature now?
[01:06.66]It's 39.5℃。 Now let me examine your chest.
[01:16.41]Will you please unbutton your shirt.
[01:19.54]Breath in deeply, Breathe out slowly.
[01:22.68]Now I will feel your pulse. That will do.
[01:26.44]Doctor am I serious.
[01:28.53]Oh, it's nothing serious, Just as I thought you've got bronchitis.
[01:35.71]I'm relieved to hear that.
[01:38.01]I will give you an injection to bring down the temperature .
[01:42.16]Are you allergic to penicillin?
[01:46.45]I'm not sure.
[01:48.04]Well, We'll check on that.
[01:50.08]Take this slip to the injection room and give it to the nurse.
[01:54.81]She will give you a test.
[01:56.98]If you test is all right, she will give you an injection.
[02:00.58]Do I need any medicine?
[02:02.54]Yes, I'll prescribe some cough medicine and some antibiotic.
[02:10.14]Here is your prescription .Take it to the chemist at the dispensary and he will tell you the dosage.
[02:21.32]What else do you advise me to do?
[02:22.97]Stay indoors for a day or two. keep warm ,drink more water and have a good rest.
[02:29.13]Thank you very much ,doctor.
[02:31.28]Never mind, If you don't feel any better in a couple of days come and see me again.
[02:39.01]Thanks again .Good-bye.
[02:40.86]Take care of yourself .Good-bye.
[02:44.13]What's the matter?
[02:45.80]I'm running a temperature.
[02:47.52]Take your temperature.
[02:48.72]Unbutton your shirt.
[02:50.42]Feel your pulse.
[02:51.60]I'm relieved to hear that.
[02:53.24]Are you allergic to pencillin?
[02:55.41]The injection room.
[02:56.59]Take care of yourself.
[02:58.21]Dialogue       2   Taking Prescriptions to the Chemist
[03:01.86]Professional Terms
[03:10.41]subdue        vt
[03:11.50]inflammation      n.
[03:13.20]Good morning, I'd like to have these prescriptions filled, please.
[03:18.37]Yes, It will about 5 minutes, Please wait outside and I'll have them for you.
[03:28.40]Here is your medicine.
[03:30.52]The dosage is written on the bottle.
[03:33.19]Take two tablets each time ,three times a day after meal.
[03:37.89]How about the capsules?
[03:39.87]Take one capsule every four hour. and the ointment is for external use only.
[03:45.78]It can subdue the inflammation.
[03:48.88]Anything else?
[03:50.37]No, That comes to 15.5 yuan.
[03:56.51]Here is 20 yuan.
[03:58.55]And here is your change.
[04:00.01]I wish you a quick recovery.
[04:02.23]Thanks ,By the way, will this medicine have any side effects .?
[04:09.39]Yes, It will probably make you sleepy.
[04:12.50]Will be able to drive?
[04:14.69]No, you'd better not do that.
[04:17.12]Thank you very much for your help . Good-bye.
[04:20.36]Don't mention it .Bye.
[04:23.13]and the ointment is fo rexternal use only.
[04:25.80]It can subdue the inflammation.
[04:28.38]That comes to 15.5 yuan.
[04:30.86]I wish you a quick recovery.
[04:33.21]Side effect.
[04:34.47]Dialogue   3  An Emergency Treatment
[04:38.02]Professional Terms
[04:39.72]rather  adv.
[04:40.89]acute                 a.
[04:42.20]lung           n.
[04:43.59]appendicitis                  n.
[04:45.36]serious                  a.
[04:46.67]remove        vt.
[04:48.42]inpatient        n.
[04:50.25]You look rather pale, Mrs. Douglas, What's troubling you?
[04:55.81]I'm running a fever. and I'm having an acute pain in my stomach.
[05:00.41]We must send you to the hospital at once. I'll call a taxi.
[05:06.16]But won't that be too much bother?
[05:08.27]No bother at all. Remember, we're good friends.
[05:13.73]It's very kind of you to do so.
[05:16.89]Doctor, Mrs.Douglas is rather sick.
[05:21.18]Don't worry .Let me examine her .Sit down .please Mrs.Douglas.
[05:26.92]I'll take your temperature ,examine your stomach, lungs and heart.
[05:31.05]What's the result ,doctor?
[05:33.19]It's acute appendicitis.
[05:35.41]Is it serious?
[05:37.19]Yes, Mrs.Douglas .I'm afraid an urgent operation is necessary.
[05:43.41]You must be hospitalized right now, and have your appenix removed.
[05:47.56]What can I do for her?
[05:49.70]Go to the inpatient department immediately and go through the formalities for her.
[05:55.97]We'll get ready for the operation.
[05:58.16]Thank you very much ,doctor.
[06:00.36]Don't mention it.
[06:02.68]What's troubling you?
[06:03.94]I'm running a fever.
[06:05.77]And I'm having an acute pain in my stomach.
[06:08.95]It's acute Appendicitis.
[06:11.15]You must be hospitalized now.
[06:14.31]And have your appendix removed.
[06:17.18]The impatient department.

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