外事接待英语 会谈与谈判

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[00:00.00]Chapter 8      Talks and Negotiations
[00:05.15]Dialogue 1         Business Negotiations
[00:08.33]Professional   Terms
[00:12.49]reputation               n.
[00:14.21]competitive           a.
[00:15.93]homemade             a.
[00:17.11]reduce      vt.
[00:18.29]realistic           a.
[00:19.41]transaction               n.
[00:20.85]Good morning, Mr. Thomas.
[00:22.99]Good morning, Mr. Jiang,Take a seat .please.
[00:26.10]We are quite interested in the refrigerators made by your company.
[00:30.22]In fact ,we're thinking of placing an order.
[00:33.70]May I have an idea of your prices?
[00:36.68]Yes, Here is our price sheet.
[00:39.86]How do you like our price?
[00:41.40]I think it's rather on the high side.
[00:44.54]I should say that our price is reasonable.
[00:47.73]As you know, our products enjoy a high reputation and are always popular abroad.
[00:53.89]Comparing with the price of the other companies, I think our price is the most competitive.
[01:00.06]No,You know now in China large quantities of homemade refrigerators have appeared on the local market in recent years.
[01:11.03]Their quality is good, but their price is much lower.
[01:15.18]If we import your refrigerators at your price .I'm sure few customers will buy them.
[01:22.78]Our price might be higher than your homemade refrigerators but our refrigerators are of better quality.
[01:31.59]Now more and more customers like to use homemade refrigerators because of its low price and a good quality.
[01:40.00]and if you don't want to lose the market in China, I think you'd better reduce your price by at least 5%.
[01:49.56]To be frank with you , if we cut the price by 5% , it can barely cover our production cost.
[01:56.56]I should say a cut of 3% would be more realistic.
[02:01.34]The leave a gap of 2%.
[02:04.00]Our purpose is to do business on the basis of eqality and mutual benefit.
[02:10.12]So I suggest we meet each other halfway.
[02:14.27]All right ,In order to conclude the transaction, let's meet halfway.
[02:18.76]Everything seems to be in order now.
[02:22.29]I'm glad we have brought this transaction to a successful conclusion.
[02:27.07]Me, too.
[02:28.01]dialogue   2  Claim on Quality
[02:32.08]Professional Terms
[02:33.70]standard        n.
[02:34.93]pardon       vt.
[02:36.08]certificate           n.
[02:37.31]inspection               n.
[02:38.80]bureau                  n.
[02:39.90]investigate                          vt.
[02:41.36]adversely       n.
[02:42.53]claim            vt.
[02:43.68]compensate             vt.
[02:45.38]contract        vt.& n.
[02:46.92]Mr. Wilson ,glad to meet you again.
[02:50.08]Glad to meet you again , too, Mr. Zhang.
[02:53.69]Let's get down to business right now. OK?
[02:57.29]We bought 2000 watches from you last month, but we found about 200 of them are not up to standard.
[03:06.98]I beh your pardon? How many?
[03:08.89]About  200.
[03:10.80]It's hard for me to believe that.
[03:12.84]As you know, our watches are the best in the world and our company's policy is always quality first.
[03:22.97]Yes, but here is the quality certificate from the China National Import and Export Commodities Inspection Bureau.
[03:34.07]I can't really believe it May I see the watches?
[03:37.31]Yes, of course, I've brought some with me, You can inspect them by youself.
[03:43.87]What's wrong with them?
[03:45.25]Some of them are fast; Some are slow, Some are now fast. but then slow; Others simply stop working.,
[03:53.93]We'll investigate into the cause for the quality problem of the watches after I come back to our company.
[04:00.12]I'm sure we'll send you our technicians to repair them as soon as possible.
[04:04.19]But as there are so many defective watches and the poor quality has adversely affected our sales.
[04:11.64]I think you ought to compensate us for the loss we have suffered.
[04:16.34]Do you have any specific idea how to settle the claim?
[04:19.53]I'm afraid you should compensate us by 7% of the total amount of the contract , as well as the inspection fee.
[04:29.64]I'm afraid you are asking too much.
[04:32.30]What's your suggestion?
[04:33.92]I suggest we compensate you by 5% of the total value, as well as the inspection fee.
[04:39.59]We'll send you our technician to repair the faulty watches.
[04:43.72]All right I'll take it.
[04:45.86]I think we can still do business with you if you can guarantee the quality of your watches in the future.
[04:54.01]Thanks .We'll certainly pay more attention to our qulity. I hope we'lll continue our cooperation.
[05:02.13]I hope so. too.
[05:06.52]get down to business
[05:07.91]up to standard
[05:09.60]quality   first
[05:11.72]the quality certificate
[05:13.86]I'll take it
[05:15.04]Professional Terms
[05:17.23]university       n.
[05:18.56]attendant          n.
[05:20.78]comfortabl             a.
[05:22.12]obliging             a,
[05:24.15]oral            a.
[05:26.27]junior       a.& n.
[05:27.65]accommodation      n.
[05:29.85]signature        n.
[05:31.47]delegation          n.
[05:33.22]exchange         vt.
[05:35.36]Good morning , Professor Smith, Welcome to our University .
[05:39.49]Good morning , professor Liu.
[05:41.92]I was told that this is the first time for you to come to our University . I hope you'll enjoy your stay here.
[05:50.62]Thanks .I'm sure I'll.
[05:52.44]Sit down .please.
[05:55.08]How do you find your room in the hotel?
[05:58.30]Very comfortable, The attendants are quite obliging.
[06:03.44]I'm glad to hear that .Shall we get down to business right now?
[06:09.63]Professor Smith, we have 20 freshmen in our department this year.
[06:15.22]I wonder if you can assign one teacher to teach their oral English next year.
[06:21.36]May I ask how many oral classes will be taught each week?
[06:25.20]Five each day one class.
[06:28.15]What other courses might you expect him to teach?
[06:31.84]advanced writing for juniors, two classes each week.
[06:36.67]How much does your University want to pay him?
[06:39.91]3000 Yuan ( approximately $ 370) each month.
[06:47.48]His hotel accommodation and air fare will be borne by us.but we won't pay for his meal.
[06:57.12]I should say the salary is a bit low.
[07:00.70]Yes, We admit it is a bit low, but comparing with the salaries of our Chinese teachers ,3000. yuan is rather high.
[07:11.91]In fact it is about 6 times as much as that of our Chinese teachers
[07:18.07]Besides your University will still pay out his wage am I right>
[07:23.17]Yes, You are right .OK.
[07:25.41]When will he come?
[07:27.11]Our next term begins at the end of August.
[07:30.69]So I think, he'd better come on August 25 or so.
[07:35.91]We can book a ticket for him.
[07:38.50]That's good.
[07:40.64]Everything seems to be ready now.
[07:43.86]My secretary can prepare the agreement soon.
[07:47.02]so I believe ,it will be for our signature sometime tomorrow morning.
[07:52.69]What do you think?
[07:54.31]That's very nice.
[07:56.45]May I say again how much we enjoy having you visit our University.
[08:02.61]We feel honored to have begun an exchang program with you and look forward to our continuing relaionship with high hopes and great expectations
[08:16.90]On behalf of the entire delegation from our University, I want to thank you all for your kind hospitality during our visit your University.
[08:28.08]We look forward to the further development of a successful exchange program.
[08:33.23]Dialohue  4    Let's Sign the Contract
[08:36.81]Professional Terms
[08:38.58]briefcase          n.
[08:40.10]sign     vi  &  n.
[08:41.33]clause   n.
[08:42.63]unclear     a.
[08:43.73]shipment    n
[08:45.43]stipulate       vt.
[08:46.65]correction     n.
[08:48.12]initial        a.
[08:49.63]congratulate        vt.
[08:51.25]Mr. Adams .I have the contract right here in my briefcase.
[08:56.01]Shall we sign it right away?
[08:57.63]Although everything seems to be clear.
[09:00.71]it is better for us to have another check on all clauses one by one to see if there is anything unclear or missing.
[09:10.74]Here is a copy for you to check.
[09:13.43]Good,I'll read it over and consider it.
[09:15.99]I have one quesion about Clause Ten
[09:19.28]OK.,Let's have a look at it.
[09:21.40]Is it the term that we agreed on?
[09:24.27]Twenty percent down and the balance at the time of shipment ?
[09:28.97]Yes, I think that's what we have stipulated .
[09:31.77]I'll need a few minutes to check over my notes.
[09:35.22]Oh, no,it is not what we agreed on.Look it should be ten percent down and the balance at the time of shipment.
[09:44.36]Let me check on it.
[09:45.51]Right it should be ten percent.
[09:47.26]When will you make the correction?
[09:48.96]I'll have my secretary take care of it right away.
[09:52.35]Please wait for a few minutes.
[09:54.49]I think we should add one sentence to it.
[09:57.13]In case one party fails to carry out the contract , the other party is entitled to cancel the contract.
[10:04.29]Yes, this clause must be added.
[10:07.45]Have you any more questions?
[10:09.70]No more questions, I think.
[10:11.97]We can sign the contract now.
[10:14.56]All right .Where should I sign?
[10:16.70]Here near the bottom of the last page?
[10:20.30]Is that all?
[10:21.82]No, please intial this change on Page 23.
[10:28.22]I'll intial it ,too.
[10:30.47]Anything more?
[10:31.98]Yes, one more thing.
[10:34.17]What's that ? I thought we have wrapped everything up/.
[10:37.70]To celebrate the success and the signing of the contract a dinner will be given by us at 6:00 p.m this evening ,you are cordially invited to attend.
[10:51.36]Thanks for your invitation.
[10:54.16]I'll certainly attend and congratulate ourselves.
[10:57.45]See you then.
[10:58.91]See you then.
[11:00.38]Tips On Reception of Foreigners
[11:03.59]how to Hold Business Negotiations?
[11:06.67]When holding business negotiations ,you should take the following elements into consideration.
[11:13.80]Firstly ,you have to make careful preparations for the negotiation.
[11:19.97]As the saying goes, Know the enemy and know yourself ,you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.
[11:28.56]The same is true of the prepartions for business negotiations.
[11:33.16]Before you go to the conference table, it is vitally important for you to investigate your opponent-the company ,its staff, capital and ,reputation etc...
[11:45.80]You should prepare a draft of contract ,so when negotiating, you can be flexible in some minor aspects.
[11:55.00]but you should not give in when it comes to the key issues
[11:58.86]Remember your ultimate goal is to gain the maximum profit.
[12:03.62]During the negotiation, you should stay calm ,speak clearly and directly.
[12:10.15]Don't use ambiguous words, such as perhaps or maybe.
[12:14.75]Secondly, choosing the proper site for negotiations in also very important .
[12:20.91]You had better hold the negotiations somewhere you are familiar with, or in a neutral location.
[12:28.12]but you should always avoid holding the negotiation in a place, which is familiar to your opponent but new to you.
[12:36.24]Lastly , you should choose a good interpreter,
[12:40.35]who not only has a good command of the foreign language, but also ,is very familiar with the subjects being discussed.
[12:49.46]The interpreter must be able to express your ideas accurately and clearly.
[12:57.22]take into consideration
[12:59.94]as the saying goes
[13:01.74]know the enemy and know yourself, you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.
[13:07.98]Have a good command of.

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