商务英语300句mp3 Unit 2 Inquiry

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询 盘


Brief Introduction





2)具体询价:所谓具体询价实际上就是请求对方报盘(request for an offer)。也就是说,买方已准备购买某种商品,或已有现成买主,请卖方就这一商品报价。


Basic Expressions


1. Our buyers asked for your price list or catalogue.



2. Prices quoted should include insurance and freight to Vancouver. 所报价格需包括到温哥华的保险和运费。


3. I would like to have your lowest quotations C.I.F. Vancouver. 希望您报成本加运费、保险费到温哥华的最低价格。


4. Will you please send us your catalogue together with a detailed offer?



5. We would appreciate your sending us the latest samples with their best prices.



6. Your ad in today’s China Daily interests us and we will be glad to receive samples with your prices.

对你们刊登在今天《中国日报》上的广告,我们很感兴趣。如能寄 来样品并附上价格,不胜欣慰。


7. Will you please inf.mp3 us of the prices at which you can supply? 请告知我们贵方能供货的价格。


8. If your prices are reasonable, we may place a large order with you.



9. If your quality is good and the price is suitable for our market, we would consider signing a long-t.mp3 contract with you.


若质量好且价格适合我方市场的话,我们愿考虑与你方签署一项长 期合同。



10. As there is a growing demand for this article, we have to ask you for a special discount.





11. We would appreciate your letting us know what discount you can grant if we give you a long-t.mp3 regular order.





12. Please quote your lowest price CIF Seattle for each of the follow- ing items, including our 5% commission.


请就下列每项货物向我方报成本加运费、保险费到西雅图的最低价 格,其中包括我们百分之五的佣金。



13. Please keep us inf.mp3ed of the latest quotation for the following items.



14. Mr. Smith is making an inquiry for green tea.



15. Now that we have already made an inquiry on your articles, will you please make an offer before the end of this month?



16. As a rule, we deliver all our orders within 3 months after receipt of the covering letters of credit.



17. Please quote us your price for 100 units of Item 6 in your catalog.



18. Those items are in the greatest demand in foreign markets.



19. Would you please quote me your prices for the goods?



20. We have quoted this price based on careful calculations.





Dialogue 1


A: Good afternoon. I am Mr. Brown, the Import manager of Atlantic Industries Ltd, Sidney, Australia. This is my card.

B: Good afternoon, Mr. Brown. My name is Mrs. Anderson, manager of the sales department.

A: Nice to see you, Mrs. Anderson.

B: Nice to see you too, Mr. Brown. Won’t you sit down?

A: Thank you.

B: What would you like, tea or coffee?

A: I’d prefer coffee if you don’t mind.

B: Is it your first trip to the Fair, Mr. Brown?

A: No, it’s the fourth time.


-- 下午好!我是布朗先生,是澳大利亚悉尼大西洋工业有限公司进口部经理。这是我的名片。

-- 布朗先生,下午好!我是安德森女士,销售部的经理。

-- 见到你很高兴,安德森女士。

-- 布朗先生,我也很高兴见到你,请坐。

-- 谢谢。

-- 你愿喝茶还是咖啡?

 -- 如不介意请来杯咖啡吧。

-- 布朗先生,这是您第一次参加博览会吗?

n       不,这是第四次了。


B: Good. Is there anything you find changed about the Fair?

A: Yes, a great deal. The business scope has been broadened, and there are more visitors than ever before.


B: Really, Mr. Brown? Did you find anything interesting?

A: Oh, yes. Quite a bit. But we are especially interested in your products.

B: We are glad to hear that. What items are you particularly inter - ested in?

A: Women’s dresses. They are fashionable and suit Australian women well, too. If they are of high quality and the prices are reasonable, we’ll purchase large quantities of them. Will you please quote us a price?

B: All right.


-- 太好了。您发现博览会有什么变化吗?

-- 对,变化很大。经营范围扩大了,而且客户也多了很多。

-- 布朗先生,真的吗?你有没有发现感兴趣的商品?

-- 是的,有很多。我们对你们的产品尤其感兴趣。

-- 听你这样说我们真高兴。您对什么产品尤其感兴趣呢?

-- 连衣裙。这些连衣裙的款式不仅时髦,而且很适合澳洲妇女穿着。 如果这些衣服质量好,价格合理,我们将大量订购。您能开个价吗?

-- 那好吧。


Dialogue 2


A: I’m glad to have the opportunity of visiting your corporation. I hope to conclude some substantial business with you.

B: It’s a great pleasure to meet you, Mr. Brown. I believe you have seen our exhibits in the showroom. May I know what particular items you’re interested in?

A: I’m interested in your hardware. I’ve seen the exhibits and studied your catalogues. I think some of the items will find a ready market in Canada. Here is a list of my requirements, for which I’d like to have your lowest quotations, C.I.F. Vancouver.


-- 我很高兴有这个机会参观你们公司。我希望能与您谈下大笔生意。


-- 很高兴见到您,布朗先生。我想您已经看过我们展示厅里的产品了。 可否知道您具体对哪些商品感兴趣?


-- 我对你们的五金产品感兴趣。我已看过你们的展示品并仔细看过你 们的目录册。我想其中的一些产品很快就能在加拿大畅销。这是我 所列的需求单,请给予最优惠的报价,温哥华到岸价。


B: Thank you for your inquiry. Would you tell us the quantity you require so that we can work out the offers?

A: I’ll do that. Meanwhile, could you give me an indication of price?

B: Here are our F.O.B. price lists. All the prices in the lists are subject to our conf.mp3ation.

A: What about the commission? From European suppliers I usually get a 3 to 5 percent commission for my imports. It’s the general practice.

B: As a rule we don’t allow any commission. But if the order is a substantial one, we’ll consider it.

A: You see, but I do business on a commission basis. A commission on your prices would make it easier for me to promote sales. Even two or three percent would help.

B: That’s something we can discuss later.

-- 感谢您的询价。您能告诉我们您需要的数量以便我们报价吗?

-- 我会的,同时你能给我一个估计价格吗?

-- 这是我们的离岸价单,里面所有的价格都以我方确认为准。

-- 佣金呢?从欧洲供销商那里,我通常可以得到进口产品3-5%的佣 金。这是惯例。


-- 一般来说,我们不允许任何佣金。但是如果订单数量可观,我们会 考虑的。

-- 但我是在佣金的基础上做生意的。你们在价格上提供佣金将使我推 销产品更加容易一些。即使2%或3%也是可以的。

-- 这个问题我们可以以后再讨论。


Dialogue 3


A: When can I have your f.mp3 C.I.F. prices, that is to say, the final offer, Mr. London?

B: We’ll have them worked out by this evening and let you have them tomorrow morning. Would you be free to come by then?


A: Yes. I’ll be here tomorrow morning at 10.


B: Perfect. Our offer remains open for 3 days.


A: I don’t need that long to make up my mind. If your prices are agreeable and if I can get the commission I want, I can place the order right away.


B: I’m sure you’ll find our price most favorable. Elsewhere prices for hardware have gone up tremendously in recent years. Our prices haven’t changed much.




-- 伦敦先生,什么时候能给我你们公司确认的到岸价格,那就是,最后的报价?


-- 我们将在今晚制定出来,明天早上让你拿到。到时你有时间过来 吗?


-- 可以,明天早上10点我过来这里。


-- 太好了,我们的报价三天有效。


-- 我不需要那么长时间来做决定。如果你们提供的价格合适,而且如 果我能得到我想要的佣金,我可以立即下订单。


-- 你会发现我们的价格是最优惠的。近几年来,其他地方五金的价格 上涨幅度很大,而我们的价格变化不大。



A: I’m glad to hear that. As I’ve just said, I hope to conclude some substantial business with you.


B: We shall be very pleased. Is there anything else I can do for you, Mrs. Anderson?


A: I’m buying for chain department stores in Canada. They are also interested in Egyptian carpets. Could you introduce me to the


person in charge of this line?


B: Certainly, I’ll make an appointment for you with Mr. Jordan of the Egypt National Native Produce and Animal By-products Import and Export Corporation.


A: Thank you very much.



-- 那太好了。正如我刚才所说的,我希望与你们做成一些大买卖。


-- 我们也很高兴。我还能为您做点其他什么吗,安德森女士?


-- 我为加拿大的连锁百货店选购货物。他们还对埃及地毯很感兴趣。 你们能为我介绍做这行的人吗?


-- 当然可以。我会为您和乔丹先生预约一下,他是埃及国家土畜产进 出口公司的。


-- 非常感谢你们。




 Words and Expressions


promising [ 5prCmisiN ] 有希望的,有前途的

initial [ i5niFEl ] 最初的

a long- t.mp3 contract 长期合同

grant [ ^rB:nt ] 批准,给予

substantial [ sEb5stAnFEl ] 数量大的,大量的

subject to our conf.mp3ation 以我方确认为准

covering [ 5kQvEriN ] 有关的

chain department store 连锁百货店

receipt [ ri5si:t ] 收到;收据

a ready market 市场畅销

do business on a commission basis 做有佣金的买卖

price sheet / price list 价格单

as a rule 通常,一般来说

C.I.F Vancouver 温哥华到岸价

quotation [ kwEu5teiFEn ] 报价,标价

enquiry [ in5kwaiEri ] 询价

showroom [5FEJrJm] 展示厅,陈列室

hardware [ 5hB:dwZE ] 五金制品

There’s no indication of price. 没有标明价格。

commission [ kE5miFEn ] 佣金

sales literature 销售说明书

specification [ 7spesifi5keiFEn ] 规格

F.O.B. prices 离岸价,船上交货价

f.mp3 offer/ tentative offer 实盘/议盘





1.       We would be obliged if you would ?



a. We would be thankful (grateful) if you would?


b. We would appreciate if you would?

c. It would be appreciated if you would?


2. C.I.F. 是 Cost Insurance Freight 的缩写,其意思是 “成本、保险费加运费”。

3. have confidence in 对……有信心

4. hear from 收到……的来信

5. place an order 订货

6. make a delivery 交货

A Specimen Letter


Dear Sirs:


Thank you for your letter of 25th September.


As one of the largest dealers of g.mp3ents, we are interested in ladies? dresses of all descriptions. We would be grateful if you would give us quotations per dozen of C.I.F. Vancouver for those items as listed on the separate sheet. In the meantime, we would like you to send us samples of the various materials of which the dresses are made.


We are given to understand that you are a state-owned enterprise and we have confidence in the quality of Chinese products. If your prices are moderate, we believe there is a promising market for the above-mentioned articles in our area.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yours faithfully,


Canadian G.mp3ent Co.Ltd. 释文














Substitution Drills


1 A: We’re quite interested in your down coats. How about the supply position?


B: For most of the articles in the catalog, we have an ample supply.


All the articles displayed here are available.


Generally speaking, we can supply from stock.













2 A: I don’t need to remind you that the market has become very competitive. the competition has become pretty keen. you must be able to compete with rival f.mp3s.


B: You’ll find our prices are very favorable. very competitive. most acceptable.


不用说市场竞争很激烈。市场竞争变得相当尖锐。你必须能够与你的对手公司相竞争。你会发现我们的价格 很优惠。很有竞争力。是最容易接受的。



3 A: Do you quote F.O.B. or C.I.F.?



B: We usually quote on an F.O.B. basis. a C. I.F. basis the basis of C. I. F. t.mp3s landed

你们报船上交货价还是最后到岸价?我们一般报 船上交货价。成本加运费、保险费在内的到岸价最后到岸价加卸货价


4 A: Could you make offers for the items listed in your catalogue? Would you give me an offer for Item No.7? May I have your offer of Model ZX 102?


B: Here’s the price list, but the prices’re subject to our final conf.mp3ation. Here it is, but the price is subject to your conf.mp3ation before Friday. Here you are, but the offer is based on immediate acceptance. 你能给出目录中所列产品的报价吗?给出七号物品的报价吗?给我ZX 102型的价格吗?




5 A: How long will you leave your offer open? valid on the table


B: It’s valid for three years.


It’s good for twenty-four hours only.


It’ll remain f.mp3 until Friday.










6 A:We want to find out if you can supply walnut meat. article No.16 is available. B:Walnut meat is in high demand these days. As far as this item is concerned, the supply cannot meet the demand.










7 7 A: Any chance of scraping up a small quantity?


B: To be honest, we’ve sold out.


tell the truth, the supply has run out.


put it simply, we have nothing on hand.









8 We’ll keep your order on file. When the next supply comes in, we’ll get in touch with you. We’ll keep your requirement in mind. When new crops come in, we’ll let you know. We’ll inf.mp3 you as soon as we have new supplies in the near future.





9 There is just a limited quantity for the time being.


in the long run


at present












10 Would you quote me your lowest prices for the goods at present?


May I ask


May I know



请问您能给我提供 这些商品目前的最低价格吗?







111May I ask the price of the product?








 我能问一下这商品的 价格 吗?








 Telephone Calls






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