商业英语口语对话 10_pays his rent

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[00:00.00]Lesson One
[00:46.79]Paying By Credit Card
[00:50.86]G:Hello.I've come to pay my bill.
[00:56.61]C:Okay.Just a moment please.Let me get our copy...
[01:04.57]will that be cash or charge?
[01:08.23]G:Charge.I'll put it on my American Express./I'll pay by American Express.
[01:15.96]C:Okay.By the way,
[01:20.54]there's a 4% merchant commission you must pay if you use a credit card.
[01:26.78]G:Who gets the 4%?
[01:30.15]C:The Bank of China.
[01:33.20]We defray this charge when you pay your sundry fees bill,
[01:38.35]but I'm afraid we must add it to the rental.
[01:46.97]C:That will be a total of $5,972.00.May I have your card,please?
[01:57.24]G:Here you are.
[02:00.11]C:Thank you...(imprints card)Would you sign here,please?
[02:06.07]Thank you.Here's your card and your copy.
[02:13.33]G:Thank you.(starts to leave)
[02:16.99]C:Just a moment,please,let me give you your receipt.
[02:21.66]Lesson Two
[02:47.63]Telling Guest which Cards We Honor
[02:52.17]C:Will that be cash or charge?
[02:55.73]G:Which cards do you honor?
[03:00.40]C:Master Card,Visa,Diner's Club,American Express and JCB.
[03:05.12]出纳员:万事达卡、Visa卡、打莱卡、美国 运通卡和日本JCB卡.
[03:09.83]G:Do you take Discovery?
[03:11.46]旅客:你们认可 Discovery卡吗?
[03:13.10]C:No.I'm afraid we don't.
[03:17.15]G:In that case,I'll put it on my Diner's Club.
[03:19.34]旅客:这样的话,请记入我的 打莱卡内。
[03:21.53]Lesson Three
[03:47.27]Paying Cash in U.S. Dollars
[03:52.93]C:Will that be cash or charge?
[03:58.97]C:Renminbi,or U.S.dollars?
[04:06.07]C:Okay.By the way,
[04:10.93]there's a 3% handling charge for paying U.S.dollars in cash.
[04:17.31]G:What?!That's absurd.Why is there a handling charge for cash?
[04:24.15]C:The bank adds a 3% service charge for every transaction involving cash in U.S. dollars.
[04:33.53]It's a charge for using their services.
[04:38.57]G:I've never heard of such a thing!
[04:43.61]All right,then,add it if you must.
[04:48.89]C:That will be $546.
[04:54.35]G:Okay.Here's $550.
[05:01.11]C:(counts it twice.)I'm sorry.
[05:05.19]I think this is short $10.I only come up with $540.
[05:13.65]Could you count it again,please.
[05:17.41]G:Hmm,all right.
[05:23.47]Let me see...(counts it once,frowns,counts it again.)
[05:26.22]I guess you're right.Sorry.Here you are.(Add another $10)
[05:30.97]C:That's all right.(counts it again)$550.
[05:37.82]Here's your charge,please check it/please count it(to make sure it's right).
[05:47.85]And here's your receipt.
[05:51.40]C:Excuse me.I think you gave me too much.This is over by $10.
[05:59.26]G:Are you sure?
[06:02.21]C:Yes.I counted it three times.
[06:06.37]There were two bills stuck together.New bills are difficult to count.
[06:13.81]Here you are.
[06:16.87]G:Well,thank you.
[06:20.24]Lesson Four
[06:47.30]Calling Guest about Overdue Bill
[06:54.30]C:Good evening,this is Cecilia Bi from the Finance Department.
[06:57.42]店员:晚上好,我是财务部的Cecilia Bi,
[07:00.55]I'm calling about your rent bill
[07:05.40]which has been outstanding since the first of the month.
[07:10.58]Normally your company wires us your rent payment on time,
[07:17.94]but for some reason we have not received this month's rent payment yet.
[07:24.19]I was concerned because starting on the 15th which is tomorrow,
[07:30.66]we will have to add interest charges accruing from the first of this month when the bill was due.
[07:39.21]G:And what is the interest rate?
[07:44.56]C:0.5%(Zero Point five percent).
[07:48.72]G:Okay,thank you for calling.I'll be down tomorrow to take care of it.
[07:55.66]Lesson Five
[08:21.24]Guest requires about Interest Charge Debit Notice
[08:26.59]C:Good morning,can I help you?
[08:31.63]G:Yes.I received this debit notice.What is this all about?
[08:38.01]C:Oh,this is for the interest charge on your rental which has been outstanding since the first of the month.
[08:46.76]After the 15th when your account has been in arrears for more than two weeks,
[08:54.70]we begin to charge you interest starting from the first,when the bill was due.
[09:02.35]G:Well,I had no idea my room bill wasn't paid this month.
[09:08.41]My company usually wires the payment to you directly.Isn't that right?
[09:16.17]C:Yes.Usually they send the payment on time,
[09:22.02]but this month we haven't received your room-payment to date.
[09:28.22]Perhaps you could contact them about it.
[09:32.76]G:Yes,well,I certainly will.
[09:37.02]G:I spoke to my company's headquarters in New York
[09:42.48]It seems the secretary who's in charge of wiring my rent was on vacation last week.
[09:49.45]They're taking care of it now.
[09:54.10]You should have the money in a day or two.
[09:58.26]Since this is the first time this has ever happened,
[10:03.43]do you think it would be possible to waive the interest charge this time?
[10:09.07]C:I'm afraid I'll have to speak to our manager about that.
[10:13.83]Just a moment,please.
[10:16.99]G:...Our manager said that since your company has had a good record of timely payment up till now,
[10:26.34]he thinks we can agree to that,but just this once!
[10:33.00]G:Thank you.I understand.
[10:38.07]I'll make sure my office in New York is more careful about it in the future.
[10:44.73]Thank you for understanding.
[10:48.49]C:You're welcome.
[10:52.56]Lesson Six
[11:16.91]Question about Billing Dates
[11:20.39]C:(smiling)Good morning,may I help you?
[11:24.93]G:Yes,I have a question about my bill.
[11:29.29]I was charged from March 10 till March 31.
[11:34.05]Why did you bill me for less than a month?
[11:38.02]I thought you would bill be from March 10 to April 10.
[11:42.98]C:Our billing system is set up from the 1st to the 31st of each month,
[11:49.46]or we bill you on the last day of your first month
[11:54.71]for whatever portion of that month you stayed here/you used the room.
[11:59.57]or for whatever portion of that month you used the room.

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