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  Part II Listening Comprehension

  Conversation One

  Questions 1 to 4 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

  1. C.

  2. B.

  3. A.

  4. C.

  Conversation Two

  W: I have many business English students. When I teach in the classroom, (5) we often end up talking about things like success and what leads to success, and it's interesting that many of them mention the element of luck.

  M: Right.

  W: Luck is important to success, but since you've seen that fantastic video on the TED Talks website by Richard St. John...he doesn't mention luck at all.

  M: Well, I'm a firm believer that people can make their own luck. I mean, what people regard as luck you can actually create to a degree.

  W: Sure. (6-1) I think a lot of what people consider luck is attributed to how you respond to the opportunities that come your way.

  M: Yes. Very good point.

  W: (6-2) Seizing the opportunities. But was there any point in the video that you thought was particularly interesting?

  M: Yes, actually there was. Something very impressive to me is many people think that luck is important and that natural talent is something you must have in order to be successful (7) And in the video we saw, the point about getting good at something is not about having some natural talent. It's all about practice,practice, practice.

  W: Definitely yeah. Natural talent helps in some way. But at the end of the day, you really do need to work hard and get really, really good at what you do.

  M: Sure.

  W: I thought one interesting thing in the video was the idea of passion being so important. And there're people who really love what they do--of course, you're going to want to work harder and put the time and effort into it. (8) And the funny thing is that if you love what you do and are really passionate about it and work really hard, then money kind of comes automatically.

  Questions 5 to 8 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

  5. B

  6. D



  Passage One

  Questions 9 to 12 are based on the passage you have just heard.。

  9. A

  10.What caused the volcano’s outer layers to wear away?


  11.What does all Indian legend say about Devils Tower?



  Passage Two


  Questions 13 to 15 are based on the passage you have just heard.

  13. A

  14. A

  15. What does the speaker want to show by the example of the Chicago woman?


  Recording One


  Questions 16 to 18 are based on the recording you have just heard.

  16. B

  17. B

  18. A

  Recording Two

  In the past few months, I've been traveling for weeks at a time with only one suitcase of clothes. One day, I was invited to an important event, and I wanted to wear something special for it. I looked through my suitcase but couldn't find anything to wear. (19) I was lucky to be at the technology conference then, and I had access to 3D printers. So I quickly designed a skirt on my computer, and I loaded the file on the printer.It just printed the pieces overnight. The next morning, I just took all the pieces, assembled them together in my hotel room, and this is actually the skirt that I'm wearing right now.

  So it wasn't the first time that I printed clothes. (20) For my senior collection at fashion design school, I decided to try and 3D print an entire fashion collection from my home. The problem was that I barely knew anything about 3D printing, and I had only nine months to figure out how to print five fashionable looks.

  I always felt most creative when I worked from home. I loved experimenting with new materials, and I always tried to develop new techniques to make the most unique textiles for my fashion projects.

  One summer break, I came here to New York for an internship at a fashion house in Chinatown. We worked on two incredible dresses that were 3D printed. They were amazing--like you can see here. But I had a few problems with them. (21) They were made from hard plastics and that's why they were very breakable.The models couldn't sit in them, and they even got scratched from the plastics under their arms.

  So now, the main challenge was to find the right material for printing clothes with, I mean the material you feed the printer with. (22) The breakthrough came when I was introduced to Filaflex, which is a new kind of printing material. It's strong, yet very flexible. And with it, I was able to print the first garment, a red jacket that had the word "freedom" embedded into it. And actually, you can easily download this jacket, and change the word to something else, for example, your name or your sweetheart's name.

  So I think in the future, materials will evolve, and they will look and feel like fabrics we know today, like cotton or silk.

  Questions 19 to 22 are based on the recording you have just heard.

  19. B

  20. C。


  22. D

  Recording Three


  Questions 23 to 25 are based on the recording you have just heard.


  23. A


  25.What is a practical solution to the problems of small-and medium-sized businesses?


  Part Ⅲ Reading Comprehension
















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