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BBC News. Hello, I'm Jerry Smit.
The first stage of the race to choose a Democratic candidate for this year's US presidential election has resulted in chaos and anticlimax. An App designed to collate votes in the Iowa caucuses failed, and attempts by officials to phone the results through led to jammed phone lines. Chris Buckler is in Des Moines, Iowa. This technological failure is a disaster for the Democratic party, and the reality is they are acing criticism from within their ranks as well as from the Trump campaign, who said in a statement, the Democrats are stewing in a caucus mess of their own creation with the sloppiest train wreck in history. You can imagine that they're gonna have to try and got this issue sorted as quickly as possible, but there are suggestions that will not know the results for perhaps as much as 24 hours after they were originally doing.

A court in South Africa has issued an arrest warrant for the former President Jacob Zuma after he failed to appear in court to face corruption charges. Mr. Zuma was meant to attend a pretrial hearing on charges related to a multibillion-dollar arms deal in the 1990s. From Johannesburg, here's Nancy Mosico. Mr. Zuma's legal team submitted documents saying the client was ill and had been receiving medical treatment outside of South Africa since last month. Judge Dhaya Pillay questioned alterations on former President Jacob Zuma's medical certificate which was submitted by his lawyers to the court. But the former president will only be arrested if he fails to appear in court on the 6th May for the start of his trial.

Iran has sentenced one man to death for trying to pass information about Iran's nuclear program to the Americans. A spokesman for Iran's judiciary said Amir Rahimpour was a CIA spy who had received high wages. The spokesman said two charity workers were also convicted of spying for the CIA. He said the two have been sentenced to 10 years for spying and 5 for acting against Iran's national security.

The British prime minister Boris Johnson has been strongly criticized by the former minister who had been in charge of preparing this year's main United Nations Climate Change Summit, also known as CDP 26, which Britain is to host. Claire O'Neill, who was sacked last week accused Mr. Johnson of a lack of real leadership on the issue. The prime minister has made incredibly warm statements about this over the years. He's also admitted to me he doesn't really understand it and he doesn't really get it. I think it's what he said, but others around him do. What is important now is that we get real and we get serious about the scale of this problem and the scale of the opportunity. We set out how we want this to be a net-zero COP with everybody in.


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