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Greece has appointed Lucas Papademos as its new prime minister. Speaking after his appointment, Mr Papademos said Greece was at a crossroads with huge problems. Mark Lowen reports from the Greek capital Athens.
希腊已经委任卢卡斯.帕帕季莫斯为新总理,帕帕季莫斯在就职讲话中表示,希腊处在解决艰巨问题的十字路口上。Mark Lowen从希腊首都雅典发回报道。

After days of speculation and disagreement, the man taking one of Europe's most unenviable jobs is known: Lucas Papademos, a 64-year-old former deputy at the European Central Bank. He's likely to have the confidence of Europe's leaders given his past experience, but whether he can win the backing of the Greek people who are not quite so fond of bankers at present is less clear. Mr Papademos says the priority is looking to the future to vote through last month's bailout package so Greece can continue to get its international loan and calm fears that it could yet leave the euro.

The chairman of News International, James Murdoch, has reaffirmed to a panel of British MPs that he did not know at the time that illegal phone hacking was widespread at one of his newspapers, the now defunct News of the World. Here's our political correspondent Robin Brant.
新闻国际公司总裁詹姆斯.默多克向英国议员小组重申,自己当时并不知道非法电话窃听在集团下已停刊的《世界新闻报》中很普遍。下面是我们的政治记者Robin Brant报道。

This was James Murdoch's second showing in front of the committee. MPs wanted to ask him about inconsistencies in the evidence that they've heard. He was insistent, though, he hadn't been shown a crucial email, nor had its significance been explained to him. The most dramatic moment, though, was when the Labour MP Tom Watson called him a mafia boss, something he said was offensive.
这是詹姆斯.默多克第二次出现在委员会面前,委员会希望了解有关证据不一致的地方。然而他一直坚持自己的观点,他没有出现在一个重要邮件中,也没人向他解释其重要性。然而最富戏剧性的是,当工党议员汤姆• 沃特森称他为黑手党老大时,他说这是在攻击他。

South Sudan has blamed its northern neighbour, the Republic of Sudan, for the aerial bombardment of a refugee camp south of the border. Residents of the camp in Unity state said a plane circled overhead before dropping five bombs. Sudan's army has denied it's responsible for the attack. James Copnall reports from the refugee camp.
南苏丹谴责其北部邻国苏丹共和国对边界线南部一处难民营进行空中轰炸。团结州营地居民称,一架飞机在头顶盘旋,然后扔下5个炸弹。苏丹军队否认对袭击负责。James Copnall从难民营发回报道。

The camp hosts refugees from the war in Southern Kordofan over the border in Sudan. There, northern rebels, who once fought on the side of the South Sudanese, are fighting the Sudanese government again. The governor of Unity state, Taban Deng, put the blame firmly on Sudan. He said President Omar al-Bashir should be asked hard questions about the bombing. Incidents like this and both sides' belief that the other is sponsoring rebels on their territory are making an already shaky relationship worse.
该难民营接纳了来自苏丹边界处南科尔多凡州的战争难民,曾经在南苏丹作战的北部叛军,再次与苏丹政府作战。团结州州长Taban Deng坚持认为苏丹应受谴责。他说,应就轰炸之类的事件质问总统Omar al-Bashir。双方都认为对方在边界线支持叛军,使紧张的关系更加恶化。

Partial results released by Liberia's National Election Commission show the incumbent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is leading with just over 90% of the vote. Turnout was as low as 33% partly due to a boycott by the opposition candidate Winston Tubman, who alleged fraud in the first round. International observers rejected his allegations.

One of President Obama's most influential advisers on the Middle East, Dennis Ross, has announced that he's stepping down. Mr Ross, who's 62, said he took the decision for personal reasons. He joined the Obama administration in 2009. Another American Middle East envoy George Mitchell stood down in May. Correspondents say White House expertise on the region is now much diminished.
奥巴马总统中东问题最有影响力的顾问丹尼•斯罗斯宣布辞职。罗斯今年62岁,称辞职是出于私人原因。他在2009年加入奥巴马政府,另一位美国中东使节George Mitchell五月份辞职。记者称白宫中东地区专家团人数正在减少。

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A Ugandan man has been sentenced to 30 years in jail for murdering the country's leading gay rights activist David Kato in January. Sidney Nsubunga Enoch admitted he bludgeoned Mr Kato to death with a hammer, but alleged this was because of sexual advances. The murder took place as the Ugandan parliament was debating the death penalty for gay sex.
一名乌干达男子因一月份谋杀本国最有影响力的同性恋权利活动家David Kato,现被判处30年监禁。Sidney Nsubunga Enoch承认用锤子打死Kato,但称谋杀是因为性侵犯。案件发生时,乌干达议会正讨论有关同性恋死刑的问题。

Police in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil say they have arrested the city's most wanted drug gang leader. The capture of Antonio Bonfim Lopes, known as Nem, came as police prepared to take control of Rocinha, Rio's biggest slum district. James Read of our America's desk reports.
巴西里约热内卢警察称逮捕本市头号通缉贩毒头目。这位被称为Nem的Antonio Bonfim Lopes被捕时,警察正准备控制Rocinha,这是该市最大的贫民窟。我们的美洲记者James Read报道。

Rio's most wanted drug suspect was found in the boot of a car that was stopped at a police checkpoint as it was leaving Rocinha. The driver reportedly claimed to be the Congolese honorary consul and then offered officers a huge bribe before his human cargo was discovered. Antonio Bonfim Lopes is alleged to be the leader of the drugs gang that controls Rocinha, Rio's biggest shantytown. It appears he was trying to escape the area before police moved in. The planned operation is the latest stage in a programme to reduce violent crime in Rio before the football World Cup in 2014.
里约头号毒品通缉犯是在汽车行李箱里被发现的,当时车停在一处警察检查点,正准备离开Rocinha。司机向警察称自己是刚果名誉领事,偷运被发现后,又要给警察大量贿赂。据说Antonio Bonfim Lope是控制里约最大贫民窟Rocinha的贩毒团伙的头目。显然他是想在警察来之前逃离此地,这次有计划的行动,是在2014年世界杯之前减少里约暴力犯罪行动的最新举措。

The governor of Texas Rick Perry has pledged to continue his campaign to win the Republican Party nomination for presidential candidate despite a lapse of memory during a candidates debate. In a televised discussion with his rivals in Michigan on Wednesday, he vowed to shut down three cabinet departments if elected but could name only two of them. His gaffe has gone viral on the Internet.

A French court has convicted the American cyclist Floyd Landis of involvement in hacking into the computer of the laboratory that drugs-tested him after he won the Tour de France. Landis, who was tried in his absence, was given a suspended sentence of a year in jail. He was stripped of his 2006 Tour de France title when it was found he had an abnormally high level of testosterone.
一家法国法院判定美国自行车选手Floyd Landis,在赢得环法自行车冠军后,入侵了给他做兴奋剂检测实验室的电脑。Landis未能出庭受审,他被判刑缓期一年监禁。他被发现体内睾酮水平超标,被取消2006年环法自行车冠军头衔。

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