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Norwegians have attended church services across the country to remember the nearly 100 people killed in the shootings and bomb attack on Friday. The main service attended by the royal family and political leaders took place in Oslo cathedral. From Oslo, James Robbins reports.
挪威人民都参加了在全国各地教堂的仪式,悼念在周五的枪击和爆炸袭击中丧生的接近100人。皇室家族和政治领袖参加的主要的仪式在奥斯陆大教堂举行。来自奥斯陆,James Robbins报道。

Oslo's 17th Century cathedral was filled with families of the dead and those still missing. Outside, thousands more people crowded around the church. King Harald of Norway led this first opportunity for the nation to come together and confront the scale of collective grief. Norway's Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg in his address said several times he found the horror of the past few days "incomprehensible".

As the day drew to a close, Norwegians continued to pay their tribute to the dead, adding to the carpet of flowers outside the cathedral.

Anders Behring Breivik shot dead at least 86 people at an island camp site near Oslo, though at least five others remain missing, and a mini-submarine is searching for them. Seven people died in the car bombing in Oslo. Police, who have charged Mr Breivik with both crimes, say he has told them he acted alone. Jon Brain reports on what the Norwegian authorities have been finding out about the gunman.
安德斯•布莱维克(Anders Behring Breivik)在奥斯陆附近一个小岛上的营地枪杀了至少86人,但是仍然至少有5人下落不明,一辆微型潜艇正在对失踪者进行搜索。奥斯陆的汽车爆炸袭击还造成7人死亡。针对两项罪名对布莱维克提出控告的警方称,嫌疑人告诉他们他是单独行动的。Jon Brain在挪威当局发现这名枪手的地点报道。

Just hours before the attack, Breivik posted a manifesto online, an often rambling 1,500-page document which talks of creating the foremost conservative revolutionary movement in Western Europe. Many here believe Breivik's actions were those of a mad man. But David Wilson, a criminologist at Birmingham University, disagrees.
在发动袭击之前几个小时,布莱维克在互联网上发表了一份宣言,含糊杂乱的长达1,500页的文件,讲述他要在西欧发动最重要的保守派革命。这里的许多人相信布莱维克的行为是疯狂的。但是伯明翰大学的犯罪学家David Wilson并不同意。

"This was a very carefully planned attack. And crucially, unlike most spree killers, he did not take his own life. He clearly wanted to be taken alive because he still wants to send messages through the court and trial process about why he did what he did."

Norway and the rest of the world will be watching closely.

In other news, the Red Cross has managed to deliver food aid inside Somalia to an area controlled by the Islamist group al-Shabab. Working through a local committee, the Red Cross brought in food for 24,000 victims of the famine. Martin Plaut reports.
其他消息,红十字会已经成功地向索马里伊斯兰好战组织青年党控制的地区提供粮食援助。红十字会通过当地委员会的帮助,为饥荒中的24,000名灾民带来了食物。Martin Plaut报道。

The badly needed aid consisting of beans, rice and oil was distributed to families in the town of Bardera in Gedo region, northwest of the capital Mogadishu. The food was delivered by truck, given to locals and others who'd come to the town to escape the famine. The Red Cross delivery took place on Saturday. They are now moving onto other areas. The delivery indicates that although al-Shabab has halted food aid by some agencies in areas they control, other agencies can operate in their territory.

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The government of Sudan has issued a new currency, which is different to the new currency just announced by the newly independent South Sudan. Khartoum hopes the new currency will prevent the north from being flooded with old notes from South Sudan.

Fans of the British singer Amy Winehouse have been leaving tributes, laying flowers and lighting candles at her home in north London, where her body was found. Messages lamented the loss of her talent at the age of 27 and said her legend would live on. Colleagues in the music business praise the distinctive sultry voice which earned Amy Winehouse a worldwide audience. The singer's family said they'd been left "bereft" by her death and asked for privacy.
英国女歌手艾米•怀恩豪斯 (Amy Winehouse)的歌迷在伦敦北部她的家中对她进行悼念,并献上鲜花。人们对27岁的天才手艾米•怀恩豪斯的陨落表示哀悼,表示她的传说将会永存。音乐节的同行赞誉了她独特动人的嗓音,她的歌声为她赢得了全世界的听众。这位歌手的家人称,他们已经失去亲人,希望能够保存隐私。

The Australian cyclist Cadel Evans has won this year's Tour de France. He was declared the overall winner after cycling more than 3,400km, crossing the finishing line in the centre of Paris. From Sydney, here's Nick Bryant.
澳大利亚自行车选手卡德尔•埃文斯(Cadel Evans)赢得了今年的环法自行车赛冠军。骑行超过3,400公里,穿越巴黎中心的终点线之后,比赛官方宣布他是总冠军。来自悉尼,Nick Bryant报道。

No Australian has ever won cycling's most illustrious prize. And for the past three weeks, as Cadel Evans has powered his way through France, tens of thousands of his compatriots have been following his progress at home. Given the time difference with Europe, watching the Tour de France here is a nocturnal activity that requires burning significant amounts of midnight oil. But after seeing Cadel Evans finish runner-up in 2007 and 2008, fans considered losing a little sleep a small price to pay to see him ultimately triumph.

Israeli archaeologists have put on display a tiny golden bell thought to be 2,000 years old, which was found last week underneath the old city in Jerusalem. The Israeli Antiquities Authority said it was a very rare find and the first of its kind. They said such bells about 1cm in diameter were often sewn as an ornament into the clothes of priests and wealthy residents. It was found during excavations in an ancient sewer in one of the oldest parts of the city.

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