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President Hugo Chavez has returned home to Venezuela from Cuba, where he admitted having cancer surgery. His long absence and initial secrecy about his medical condition provoked uncertainty in Venezuela. From Caracas, Sarah Grainger.
总统查韦斯已经从古巴回到委内瑞拉,他承认在古巴接受了癌症手术。他的长期缺席和关于他身体状况最初的保密状态引发了委内瑞拉国内的不安。来自加拉加斯,Sarah Grainger报道。

President Chavez arrived at Caracas's international airport in the early hours of Monday morning. He's expected to appear later in the day on the balcony of the presidential palace in Caracas to greet his supporters. Official pictures of the arrival show him smiling and embracing some of his ministers - a much happier Hugo Chavez than the one we saw a few days ago announcing to Venezuelans he'd been treated for cancer. After more than four weeks away, President Chavez has returned in time to celebrate Venezuela's bicentenary of independence from Spain, which begins at midnight.

A French writer who alleges she was attacked nine years ago by the former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn is preparing to file a criminal complaint against him. A lawyer for the writer, Tristane Banon, said she would file a lawsuit alleging attempted rape. From Paris, Christian Fraser.
一名宣称九年前被IMF前总裁卡恩侵犯过的法国作家准备对他提起刑事诉讼。这位作家Tristane Banon的代理律师称,她将以强奸未遂罪提起诉讼。来自巴黎,Christian Fraser报道。

Ms Banon spoke of this incident on a chat show in 2007, alleging Mr Strauss-Kahn attacked her when she went to interview him, aged 22. She claims the pair of them wrestled on the floor of his apartment as he tried to unhook her bra. Back in May, Ms Banon said that in light of the case in New York, she would finally file charges over the matter, but the decision was postponed. Within hours of Ms Banon announcing her intentions, Mr Strauss-Kahn had instructed his lawyer to file a counteraction for false accusation. In a statement that was issued, he said the account given by Ms Banon was "imaginary".
Banon女士在2007年一个聊天节目曾经讲述该事件,声称她22岁的时候采访卡恩遭遇侵犯。她声称,卡恩试图脱下她的内衣,两人在他公寓的地板上扭打。早在五月份,Banon女士就曾表示,鉴于纽约的案件,她最终得以针对该事件提起控告,但是她的决定被推迟。Banon女士宣布了自己的意图几个小时之后,卡恩下令自己的律师控告她虚假指控。在卡恩发表的一份声明中,他说, Banon女士的描述完全是虚构的。

The former Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladic has been removed from the courtroom during his war crimes trial in The Hague for disrupting the proceedings. Not guilty pleas were entered on his behalf after he said he would not respond. Matthew Price reports.
前波黑塞族军事指挥官姆拉迪奇在海牙刑事法庭因战争罪接受审判时扰乱秩序,被带下法庭。他宣称自己不会做出任何回应之后提出了无罪请求。Matthew Price报道。

Ratko Mladic used perhaps the only weapons he still has at his disposal. With a mocking air, he tipped his cap towards relatives of some of his alleged victims in the public gallery. He then demanded that his own lawyer be allowed to represent him. The judge said the registrar would discuss that with him. Then as the judge moved on to read out the 11 charges, Ratko Mladic tore off the translation headphones he was wearing, saying he wasn't going to listen. "You are not a court," he ranted, shouting over the judge that he was talking in vain.

Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel are holding a rally outside the country's Supreme Court in Jerusalem. They are protesting against the arrest and questioning of two rabbis who backed a book which argues that the killing of non-Jews should be legal in some circumstances. The book, the King's Torah, says non-Jews including babies could be preemptively killed if they are deemed to pose a threat to Israel. This has been widely interpreted as meaning Arabs.
数百名极端正统派犹太人在以色列耶路撒冷最高法庭外举行集会。他们抗议对两名犹太人的逮捕。因为这两人支持一本认为在某些情况下杀害非犹太人是合法的书籍。这本名为King's Torah的书籍称,包括婴儿在内的非犹太人如果对以色列造成威胁,犹太人应该先发制人,将他们杀死。他们口中的非犹太人被广泛的理解为阿拉伯人。

World News from the BBC

The authorities in Mexico say they've captured a co-founder of the Zetas drug cartel. Federal police arrested Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar on Sunday in a town on the outskirts of the capital Mexico City. The authorities allege he's the third in command of the organisation and say he's one of the country's most wanted criminals.
墨西哥当局称他们逮捕了毒品卡特尔塞塔斯的联合创建人。周日,联邦警察在首都墨西哥城郊区一个小镇逮捕了Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar。当局称,他是该毒品组织的第三号人物,是全国首要通缉犯之一。

Italy's leading heritage group has urged the United Nations to put Venice on its endangered list. Italia Nostra accused successive Italian governments of underestimating the devastating effects of development projects. Duncan Kennedy sent this report from Rome.
意大利主要的遗产组织敦促联合国将威尼斯列入濒危名单。Italia Nostra指控连续几届意大利政府都低估了发展项目带来的破坏性。Duncan Kennedy从罗马发回报道。

Italia Nostra says tourist invasions from land and sea are helping to overwhelm the city whilst the new barrier designed to keep water out of its famous lagoon is insufficient to cope with the predicted rise in sea levels. The report also blames giant cruise liners for damaging the foundations of buildings by the wash of their wakes. The group says one way to ease the pressure on the city would be to cap the numbers of tourists. It also warns tougher controls on construction and dredging.
Italia Nostra称,从海陆方面到来的游客使这座城市人满为患,用来防止水进入著名的泻湖的新的围墙是不足以应对预期的海平面的上升的。该报告还指控游艇损害了建筑物的地基。该组织称,缓解该城市压力的一个方法就是限制游客数量。该组织还警告需要对建筑和疏浚工作进行更加严厉的监管。

A long-lost opera by the Italian composer Vivaldi is being performed in Prague for the first time in almost 300 years. Vivaldi wrote the work in 1727, but the score was later lost. It's now been reconstructed by a Czech harpsichordist. From Prague, Rob Cameron.
意大利作曲家维瓦尔第创作的失传已久的歌剧300年来首次在布拉格演出。维瓦尔第于1727年创作了该作品,但是曲谱后来丢失。现在,捷克一名拨弦古钢琴家进行了改造. 来自布拉格,Rob Cameron报道。

Vivaldi composed L'Unione della Pace, e di Marte, the Union of Peace with Mars, to mark the birth of King Louis XV's twin daughters in 1727. The opera technically known as a serenata was performed just once in a Venice garden. Now three centuries later, it's being performed again, this time in the magnificent baroque setting of the Ledebour Garden at the foot of Prague Castle.

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