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The United Nations says tens of thousands of people in Sudan have been displaced by bombing and fighting in the disputed border state of South Kordofan. The northern military has launched fresh air strikes against groups that are allying to the country's south, which is due to become independent next month. Peter Martell reports from the southern Sudanese capital Juba.
联合国称,苏丹已有数万人因有争议的边境省份南科尔多凡省的爆炸和冲突而流离失所。南苏丹将于下个月独立,北方军队对南方的联盟组织发动了新的空袭。Peter Martell从南苏丹首都朱巴发回报道。

Aircraft from the north Sudanese army bombed a strategic airfield at Kauda, in the heart of the Nuba mountains, home to southern-aligned groups it calls rebels. The United Nations reports that heavy artillery can also be heard with fighting spreading across Southern Kordofan state. More than 53,000 people are estimated to have fled from the fighting. Aid workers say their work has been severely restricted with access blocked to key areas, causing enormous suffering to civilians. Humanitarian flights have been denied permission to land for nearly a week while militia gunmen are blocking roads.

The US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke says America's creditworthiness is at risk if the country's borrowing limit is not raised. He's urging Republican members of Congress to vote in favour of increasing it well before a deadline in August. Here's Mark Gregory.
美联储主席本•伯南克称,如果美国不提高借款上限,美国的信誉将面临危机。他敦促国会共和党在8月份的最后期限之前投票支持增加借款限额。Mark Gregory报道。

The man in charge of American monetary policy says Republican moves to block a measure lifting the $4.3tn ceiling on US government debt could have serious economic consequences. Mr Bernanke warned that even a temporary delay would cause severe disruption in financial markets, undermine the dollar's role as the world's main currency and seriously erode investors' confidence that America will service its debts. The Federal Reserve chairman suggested the US could even lose its coveted AAA credit rating, the highest ranking of creditworthiness.

A previously unpublished diary by the Argentine-born revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara has been unveiled in Cuba. His widow Aleida March said she'd decided to publish the unedited writings, Diary of a Combatant, so that readers could get to know him just as he was. From Havana, here's Michael Voss.
在阿根廷出生的革命家埃内斯托•切•格瓦拉一份此前未发表的日记在古巴公开。他的遗孀Aleida March称,她决定发表这份未经编辑的文稿,《战争日记》,读者可以了解一个真实的他。来自哈瓦那, Michael Voss报道。

Ernesto Che Guevara was a prolific writer and did publish his own account of fighting alongside Fidel Castro in the Sierra Maestra mountains. This new book called Diary of a Combatant is the first time a full unedited version of the Argentine-born revolutionary's diaries has(have口误) been made available. A former doctor, Che's hand-writing was said to be almost illegible and hard to decipher, one reason why this project has taken so long.

Syrian troops and tanks are reported to be pushing towards further towns and villages in the country's northwest, where there's been an uprising against the government. The military campaign has led to thousands of people fleeing across the border to Turkey. Some of the refugees described seeing atrocities committed by government forces around the rebellious town of Jisr al-Shughour.
有报道称,叙利亚军队和坦克正在进一步向西北部的城镇推进,这里正在发生反政府抗议活动。军事活动导致数万人穿越边境逃往土耳其。一些难民描述了亲眼目睹政府军队在吉斯尔•舒古尔(Jisr al-Shughour)实施暴行的情况。

World News from the BBC

Reports from Libya say that rebel forces have made new gains against government troops around the rebel-held city of Misrata. They are reported to have advanced west from Misrata to the outskirts of the government-held town of Zlitan. As their advance intensifies, some of the rebel forces have expressed frustration at the level of Nato support.

The Eritrean volcano, which sprung into life on Sunday, sending a huge ash cloud 13km into the atmosphere, has continued to disrupt air travel across the region. Kenyan and Dubai airlines said they had both cancelled flights to Ethiopia. Latest reports say the ash cloud has now reached southern Egypt and Sudan, and is heading towards Saudi Arabia.

Ruud Gullit's spell as coach of Terek Grozny in the Russian Football Premier League is over. The former World Player of the Year had been given an ultimatum by his boss, the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, to win his latest match or get the sack. They lost 1-0. Here's our sports news reporter Alex Capstick.
路德•古利特作为俄罗斯足球超级联赛球队Terek Grozny教练的生涯宣布结束。这位前年度世界足球先生收到他的老板,车臣总统拉姆赞•卡德罗夫(Ramzan Kadyrov)的最后通牒,必须尽快最新的一场比赛,否则他将被解雇。他们以0:1失败。我们的体育记者Alex Capstick报道。

The instruction was blunt enough: win or lose your job. The club's president Ramzan Kadyrov, who has developed a fearsome reputation as leader of Chechnya, had gone public with the extraordinary ultimatum. The two-time World Player of the Year and an international celebrity was accused of being distracted by bars and discos. The long and scathing statement said Terek Grozny had never looked so hopeless. His damning assessment of Ruud Gullit followed a poor run of form. This latest defeat, courtesy of a goal in the dying seconds away at Perm, has left the club third from bottom in the Russian Premier League.
车臣总统的命令非常明确:赢得比赛或丢掉工作。这位车臣总统作为车臣的领袖拥有可怕的声誉,他公开发表了这份最后通牒。这位两次获得世界足球先生的国际明星被指控由于酒吧和迪斯科而分散了注意力。这份冗长的,严厉的声明表示,Terek Grozny从来都没看上去这么无助。他对路德•古利特如此糟糕的评价是由于球队表现确实差强人意。这次战败使该俱乐部排在俄罗斯超级联赛倒数第三的位置。

The former US ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, has become the latest Republican to say he'll seek the party's presidential nomination. Mr Huntsman, who's also served as the governor of Utah, said he would formally enter the race in a week's time. Correspondents say his economic policies should appeal to the party's conservative supporters, but that elsewhere, he's seen as a moderate.
前美国驻中国大使洪博培(Jon Huntsman)成为宣布寻求党内总统竞选提名的最新的共和党人。洪博培曾经担任犹他州州长,他表示将在一周之内正式加入角逐。记者称,他的经济政策对共和党保守派支持者来说比较有吸引力。但是在其他方面,他看上去比较温和。

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