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BBC News with David Austin

German officials now say they believe locally grown bean sprouts are the most likely source of the E.coli bug, which has killed 22 people and infected some 2,000 more in Germany and abroad. The sprouts were sold for use in salads. From Berlin, here's our correspondent Steve Evans.
德国官员称,他们相信当地的豆芽最有可能是大肠杆菌疫情的来源。这次疫情爆发已经造成德国和世界各地22人死亡,2,000多人感染。这些豆芽经常用于制作沙拉。来自柏林,Steve Evans报道。

The regional government of Lower Saxony in northern Germany, one of the areas badly affected by the outbreak, said that locally grown bean sprouts were now suspected. Ministers said that "all indications speak to them being" the cause and people would be warned not to eat them. Operations at a farm in the region had been stopped, and there would be further tests. But the authorities said it was the most convincing possibility. The revelation might embarrass the German government because it pointed the finger at Spanish farms when the cause turns out to be right at home.

Syrian state television says 20 people were killed and more than 300 injured when Israeli soldiers opened fire on pro-Palestinian demonstrators trying to enter the occupied Golan Heights from the Syrian side. The demonstrators were marking the anniversary of the start of the 1967 Six-Day War when Israel seized the Golan. An Israeli government spokesman, Mark Regev, said his country had no option but to open fire.
叙利亚国家电视台称,支持巴勒斯坦的示威者试图从叙利亚进入被占领的戈兰高地,以色列士兵向他们开火,造成20人死亡,300多人受伤。示威者正在纪念1967年六日战争开始周年活动。以色列就是在那次战争中占领了戈兰高地。以色列政府发言人Mark Regev称,他的国家别无选择,只能开火。

"You can't have a situation where enemy nationals barge into your country, tear up the border fence and try to infiltrate. It just can't happen. We had something similar two and a half weeks ago. We couldn't let it happen again. And these people were warned repeatedly - first through the United Nations, and then ultimately through loud speakers in Arabic "Don't approach the border" and shooting into the air. We only used live ammunition when there was no choice left."

The US State Department in Washington said it was deeply troubled by the loss of life.

At least 25 people are reported to have been killed during pro-democracy demonstrations over the past two days in the northwestern Syrian town of Jisr al-Shughour. Among them were said to be a number of Syrian security personnel.
叙利亚西北部城镇Jisr al-Shughour的在过去两天的支持民主示威活动中造成至少25人死亡。据称,其中包括几名叙利亚安全人员。

Thousands of people in Yemen have been celebrating the departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh to Saudi Arabia, where he's being treated for injuries he received in the attack on his compound on Friday. Ten people were killed in anti-government violence. Here's Jon Leyne.
也门总统萨利赫前往沙特阿拉伯,治疗周五总统府遇袭时受到的创伤,数千人举行庆祝活动。反政府暴力活动造成10人死亡。Jon Leyne报道。

Senior Yemeni officials have insisted that President Saleh will return once he's completed his treatment in Saudi Arabia for injuries received in an attack on Friday, but the Yemeni leader may have other thoughts. He's taken with him 35 members of his family, the prime minister and the speaker of parliament. And even if he wants to return, the Saudi government may well prevent him. Power for the moment has passed to the vice president. He is reported to have made peace overtures to the al-Ahmar tribal group, President Saleh's most determined opponents.
Jon Leyne
Jon Leyne报道。

Police in Pakistan say 18 people have been killed in a bomb explosion in a bakery in the town of Nowshera, in the northwest of the country. Details are still coming in.

World News from the BBC

Exit polls in Portugal suggest the centre-right opposition Social Democrats have won the general election. Although they are not expected to have an overall majority, the BBC Lisbon correspondent says the Social Democrats will be able to form a stable coalition with their traditional allies, the conservative People's Party. The early election was called after the governing Portuguese Socialists were forced to request a big economic bailout from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

Voting is taking place in Peru in what's expected to be a closely-fought presidential run-off. Keiko Fujimori, who's the daughter of the former right-wing President Alberto Fujimori, is facing a populist, former army officer Ollanta Humala. Ms Fujimori has campaigned on a programme of free market reforms, but critics fear she may pardon her jailed father if she's elected. Mr Humala, meanwhile, has been accused of being too close to the left-wing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, an accusation he denies.
秘鲁选民正在进行投票,预期这将是竞争非常激烈的总统选举角逐。前总统藤森谦也(Alberto Fujimori)的女儿藤森庆子(Keiko Fujimori)将对阵平民主义者,前军事官员乌马拉(Ollanta Humala)。藤森庆子曾努力推行自由市场改革,但是批评家担心如果她当选,她可能会赦免自己的父亲。同时,乌马拉被指控与左翼委内瑞拉总统查韦斯的关系太密切。乌马拉本人否认了这项指控。

Nuclear scientists say they've made a dramatic breakthrough in the elusive quest for anti-matter, a crucial component in the Big Bang theory for the origin of the Universe. Teams using the giant Cern particle accelerator deep under the Swiss-French border say they've succeeded in storing anti-hydrogen atoms. Imogen Foulkes reports from Geneva.
核科学家们称,他们在探寻反物质方面取得了突破性的进展。反物质是宇宙起源大爆炸理论的一个关键组成部分。使用瑞士和法国边境地下Cern一台巨大的粒子加速器的研究团队称,他们成功地俘获反氢原子。Imogen Foulkes从日内瓦发回报道。

The news that scientists at Cern have managed to trap anti-hydrogen atoms for over 16 minutes - the previous record was just 0.2 second - means they will be able to study the properties of anti-matter in detail. The research will take time, but scientists hope it will eventually explain what really happened during the first moments of our Universe and reveal the mystery over what became of its other half.
Imogen Foulkes reporting from Geneva
Imogen Foulkes从日内瓦发回报道。

The Spanish player Rafael Nadal has won the French Open tennis tournament, beating his fierce rival Roger Federer of Switzerland.

Those are the latest stories from BBC News.

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