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Pakistan's intelligence chief General Ahmed Shuja Pasha has offered to resign after facing tough questioning about the US special forces raid that killed the al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. General Pasha, who appeared before parliament with his military counterparts, said the offer was refused. Aleem Maqbool reports from Islamabad.
在美国特种兵的突袭击毙基地组织头目本•拉登后遭到严重质疑的巴基斯坦情报局局长帕沙将军(Ahmed Shuja Pasha)提出辞职。帕沙将军与军事官员一起在议会露面,他表示他的要求被拒绝。Aleem Maqbool从伊斯兰堡发回报道。

It is unheard of in Pakistan for the head of the intelligence services to be humiliated in this way. Not only was he hauled in front of parliament to explain himself and the failings of his agency in the Bin Laden affair, but according to some MPs who briefed the BBC he faced such hostility that at one point he told them they were treating him like an enemy. When asked about specifics on how Osama Bin Laden had been in Pakistan for so long without being detected, he said it wasn't time to answer questions like that. But that's not going to be enough for many Pakistanis, who feel a massive sense of embarrassment that the al-Qaeda leader was found here and killed in an American operation.

President Barack Obama has announced the resignation of the US special envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell. Seventy-seven-year-old Mr Mitchell has led the administration's efforts to kick start the failed peace talks in the Middle East for the past two years. President Obama said Mr Mitchell had always insisted he would only serve that amount of time in the position.
奥巴马总统宣布中东特使米切尔(George Mitchell)辞职。77岁的米切尔在过去两年一直引导政府帮助中东地区重启和平对话。奥巴马表示,米切尔一直坚持自己只能担任该职位两年的时间。

The wife of Egypt's ousted President Hosni Mubarak has been taken ill with a suspected heart attack. Suzanne Mubarak was admitted to hospital in the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh just hours after anti-corruption officials ordered her to be detained for 15 days while fraud allegations against her are investigated. She was questioned by the authorities for the first time on Thursday. At the same time, Mr Mubarak's ongoing detention was extended for a further two weeks.
埃及前总统穆巴拉克的妻子疑似突发心脏病。反腐官员下令她被拘留15天刚刚几个小时之后,Suzanne Mubarak就到Sharm el-Sheikh度假村的一家医院接受治疗,而关于诈骗的指控仍在调查中。周四,她接受了当局首次审讯。同时,对穆巴拉克的拘留将延长两周时间。

Libyan officials say Nato has hit a boarding house in Brega, an eastern town under government control, killing 11 imams and injuring 45 other people. Christian Fraser reports from Tripoli.
利比亚官员称,北约击中了政府控制下的东部城镇布雷加一间板房,造成11名教长死亡,另外45人受伤。Christian Fraser从的黎波里发回报道。

In the courtyard of a mosque in Tripoli, government officials called a press conference to show journalists horrific footage of the dead. The bodies were badly burnt and disfigured. Officials say these were men who the previous night had been involved in a live broadcast from Brega, a town still under loyalist control in the east. The group had prayed on state television for national unity and reconciliation. After those prayers, we are told they retired to a guest house in Brega to prepare for the journey next day to Benghazi. At face value, it looks like a terrible mistake on the part of Nato. The alliance said it is checking its intelligence before it responds.

Thousands of people have again taken part in anti-government protests across Syria following Friday prayers. Human rights activists said three people were killed during demonstrations in the central city of Homs. However, a BBC correspondent monitoring the situation from neighbouring Lebanon said security forces appeared to have used less force than on previous occasions and seemed to be employing a new strategy.

World News from the BBC

A 62-year-old British woman has been beheaded in an apparently random attack in a supermarket on the Spanish holiday island of Tenerife. Peter Biles reports.
一名62岁的英国妇女在西班牙旅游胜地特内里费岛上一个超市遭遇袭击时被斩首。Peter Biles报道。

The victim hasn't yet been named, but according to the authorities in Tenerife, she was a 62-year-old Briton. She was in a supermarket at the time of the attack. Local reports say the suspect, who's believed to be a Bulgarian man, seized a knife from inside the store and beheaded the woman. He was chased and detained by security guards as he tried to escape. The Foreign Office in London says it's aware of the reports from Tenerife and is urgently investigating what happened.

The US State Department has apologised to thousands of would-be immigrants who thought they had been successful in the annual lottery permitting them to apply to live legally in the United States. Officials said the results had to be invalidated because a computer error meant the selection wasn't random. All 22,000 names will have to take their chance again with about 15 million other hopeful applicants.

A man dressed as a snail has completed the London Marathon 26 days after the race began. Lloyd Scott, a former professional footballer, inched his way along the 42km course face-down on a metal sled for up to eight hours a day. His costume, a children's TV character called Brian, was equipped with a periscopic camera to see where he was going. Mr Lloyd, who once ran the same marathon in antique diving suit, is attempting to raise money for a charity for disabled children. Crossing the finish line, Mr Lloyd admitted it was a relief to finish.
一名打扮成蜗牛模样的男子在开赛26天后跑完了伦敦马拉松比赛的全程。劳埃德(Lloyd Scott)是一名前职业球员,在马拉松比赛42千米的全程,他一直面部朝下所在一个金属壳中,每天至少八小时。他的道具是儿童电视节目中一个叫做Brian的角色,设备上安装了一个广角摄像头,可以随时查看他到达什么地方。劳埃德(Lloyd Scott)此前也曾经身穿独特的潜水装参加同样的马拉松比赛,他是为了给残疾儿童募捐善款。穿越终点线时,劳埃德承认,这个重点是一种解脱。

"Yeah, it's very difficult. I mean I had consistent nose bleeds. I had to go to hospital to have my nose cauterised and treated. [I] kept being sick in the snail. I even slept in the snail as well. Oh really for such a fantastic charity, I mean, it's the children that are here today. That's really been foremost on my mind and have been driving me forward."

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