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Residents of the Syrian city of Deraa say the army has seized control of a mosque associated with anti-government protesters. Witnesses said troops backed by tanks stormed the Omari mosque. As Western journalists have been denied permission to enter Syria, Owen Bennett-Jones reports from neighbouring Lebanon.
叙利亚德拉市的居民称,军队已经控制了与反政府抗议者相关联的清真寺。目击者表示,由坦克掩护的军队袭击了奥马里清真寺。由于西方记者不允许进入叙利亚境内,Owen Bennett-Jones从邻国黎巴嫩发回报道。

Residents of Deraa say the assault on the mosque involved sustained heavy gunfire, after which the army placed gunmen on the mosque's roof. Deraa has been under a virtual siege since Monday. With no one allowed to hold funerals, bodies are being stored in makeshift morgues. But as the residents try to cope with their worsening conditions, the new Syrian Prime Minister Adel Safar has been talking about political reforms. He said new important legislation would soon be approved concerning the law of the parties and the media. Syria is currently a one-party state with a tightly controlled media.
德拉居民表示,政府使用持续的猛烈炮火袭击了这座清真寺,随后军队又在清真寺房顶部署了枪手。德拉自周一以来一直被围困。任何人都不允许举办葬礼,遗体被存储在临时陈尸所。但是,由于居民努力试图应对逐渐恶化的形势,新上任的叙利亚总理萨法(Adel Safar)承诺进行政治变革。他表示,政府将很快通过关于党派和媒体的重要立法。叙利亚现在是一党专政国家,新闻媒体控制非常严格。

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt says it'll contest half of all the seats in the first parliamentary elections of the post-Mubarak era, which are due in September. But the movement, which was banned in 1954, says its new Freedom and Justice Party won't compete in the presidential election later in the year. From Cairo, Jonathan Head reports.
埃及穆斯林兄弟会表示,他们将在九月份举行的后穆巴拉克时代第一次议会选举中争夺一半的席位。但是,自1954年开始被禁止的穆斯林兄弟会表示,他们新成立的自由和正义党不会参加今年年末举行的总统选举。Jonathan Head在开罗报道。

The Muslim Brotherhood's future role worries secular and non-Muslim Egyptians because of its Islamist roots and the organisational advantages it enjoys thanks to its 80-year history. Recent comments by some Brotherhood members calling for a strict implementation of Sharia law have only heightened those concerns. However, the movement has tried to reassure sceptics by describing the new party as a civil not a theocratic one. The new president and his deputy are known moderates, who've stated their commitment to equality for all faiths.

Prosecutors in Germany say three al-Qaeda suspects arrested on Friday were planning an attack in a crowded area using a shrapnel bomb. Two are originally from Morocco and the other from an Iranian family. They were arrested in Duesseldorf and nearby Bochum.

The French sports minister has suspended the technical director of the national football federation over allegations that officials secretly planned to introduce racial quotas in national training programmes. Here's Hugh Schofield in Paris.
法国体育部长撤销了全国足球联盟的技术主管,因为有人指控该组织官员秘密计划在全国训练项目中引入种族指标。Hugh Schofield在巴黎报道。

The investigative news site Mediapart has published minutes of a meeting in which senior football figures clearly discussed the issue of ethnic quotas. At one point, the technical director Francois Blaquart says there should be an unofficial policy of keeping down the number of dual nationality, i.e. mainly black and North African, youngsters in French training centres. But defenders of French football's managing body say that the issue under discussion was the high number of players going through the excellent French national training system who defect to other national teams, many in Africa, at senior level.
调查性质的新闻机构Mediapart公布了几分钟的会议过程,足联高级官员清楚地讨论了种族名额的问题。曾经一度,技术负责人佛朗索瓦•布兰奇特(Francois Blaquart)表示,应该出台非正式的政策,限制法国训练中心双重国籍队员人数,主要是黑人和来自北非的年轻人。但是法国足球管理机构的辩护者表示,目前正在讨论的问题是指限制向其他国家足球队叛变的法国全国训练项目的人数,许多是非洲的资深球队。

World News from the BBC

Nato-led forces in Afghanistan say they're preparing for a spate of attacks by the Taliban in the coming days. The Taliban earlier issued a statement saying that its spring offensive, an annual surge in fighting, will start on Sunday. A spokesman for the Nato-led force, Brigadier General Josef Blotz, said the Taliban were trying to reverse Nato gains.
驻阿富汗北约领导的军队表示,他们已经做好迎接塔利班分子未来一系列袭击的准备。此前,塔利班发表了一份声明称他们的春季大反攻即将于周日开始。北约领导的军队发言人准将布勒茨(Josef Blotz)表示,塔利班准备逆转北约取得的胜利。

"We have brought in huge reinforcements in 2010, and we're able to change the strategic environment. We have taken away huge areas, for example in Kandahar, which is the homeland of the Taliban. And of course they will try to get that back, but they will fail."

Tens of thousands of pilgrims have joined a vigil in central Rome on the eve of a ceremony to mark the beatification of the late Pope John Paul II. Among those addressing the gathering at the Circus Maximus park is a French nun, whose apparently miraculous recovery from Parkinson's Disease is part of the official reason for taking the penultimate step towards declaring the late Pope a saint. The leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, said the move towards sainthood had been rapid.
已故教皇保罗二世被册封为真福的前夜,数万名清教徒在罗马中部参加了守夜活动。一名法国修女向聚集在Circus Maximus park的人群致辞。她患上帕金森病之后奇迹般地复原,这成为她宣布已故教皇为圣徒之前的最后一步的官方原因。英格兰和威尔士罗马天主教堂领袖红衣主教尼柯尔斯(Vincent Nichols)表示,通往圣徒的道路非常迅速。

"It is very unusual, but I think it's popular demand frankly, and it isn't the quickest process. There have been saints in the past who have been virtually declared saints by popular acclaim, and we saw even on the day of his funeral people saying this man was a saint, make him a saint now. Now that's not happened."

One of the world's wealthiest men, the American investment guru Warren Buffett, has faced questions from shareholders in his company Berkshire Hathaway about the surprise resignation of one of its most senior executives. Mr Buffett admitted to thousands of shareholders gathered in Omaha for the company's annual meeting that he'd made a big mistake. He said he should have questioned earlier the executive purchase of shares in an oil company.
世界上最富有的人之一,因为一名高管意外的宣布辞职,美国投资专家巴菲特面临伯克希尔哈撒韦公司(Berkshire Hathaway)股东的质疑。巴菲特向在奥马哈参加公司年度会议的数千名股东承认他犯了一个大错误。他表示他此前就应该质疑这名高管购买一家石油公司股份的行为。

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